Digg Founder Kevin Rose Abandons Reddit AMA (But He's Coming Back, He Says)

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Redditors happy to talk to Digg founder Kevin Rose were left hanging Tuesday evening when he failed to answer a single question in his verified AMA session.

At around 10 pm EST Tuesday night, Kevin Rose (thekevin on reddit) posted "I am Kevin Rose, Founder or Digg, AMA!." Hundreds of comments began pouring in, as redditors asked about Digg (past, present, and future) as well as a range of other topics.

The only problem is that it's Wednesday morning and Rose hasn't answered a single question.

The abandoning of the AMA made for some digs (sorry) against Rose from angry redditors. Here's a nice exchange which references the fact that Rose tweeted an Instagrammed photo of Alcatraz during the time he was supposed to be answering questions in the AMA:

Rose just tweeted his excuse. Apparently a birthday party kept him from answering redditor's questions yesterday evening.

Hopefully, Rose will get back to the AMA. Even so, it's not really standard for an AMA subject to wait 13 hours to begin to answer questions.

That's just bad reddiquette, man.

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