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Tag: Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Wins The NBA MVP Award
Kevin Durant, the Oklahoma City Thunder star, was awarded the most prestigious award in the NBA on Tuesday. After receiving 119 first-place votes, Kev...
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Oklahoma City Thunder Suffers Game 5 Defeat in OT
Fans got their money’s worth and more when they were treated to free basketball last night when the Memphis Grizzlies defeated the Oklahoma City Thu...
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Kevin Durant Hits Improbable Shot; OKC Loses
The MVP race in the NBA this year was and still is absolutely no contest. Kevin Durant has been the best basketball player in the world in 2014, by fa...
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Kevin Durant Obvious NBA MVP This Year?
After scoring a career high 54 points in January and a 41 game streak of scoring at least 25 points, it’s no wonder Kevin Durant is quickly beco...
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Kevin Durant and Thunder Defeat Kings
Kevin Durant led the Oklahoma City Thunder to a 94-81 victory over the Sacramento Kings Friday night. Durant, the NBA’s leading scorer, proved his t...
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NBA All-Star Game: 2014’s Game Sets Multiple Records With Big Performances
Last night’s NBA All-Star Game was quite a sight to see, and each of the players on the court made it a point to show the fans why they were cho...
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Kevin Durant Scores A Career High 54 Points In Big Win Against The Warriors
Kevin Durant is doing a good job of showing why he is the leading scorer in the NBA. The All-Star bound Oklahoma City Thunder star put delivered in a ...
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Russell Westbrook Has Surgery On His Knee Again
Russell Westbrook, the star player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, has been forced to undergo yet another surgery on his right knee. As fans will remem...
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Durantula Lawsuit: Chicago Musician Sues NBA Star
The Durantula Lawsuit may sound like an insanely rotten movie you’re likely to find on Cinemax in the middle of the night, but, believe it or no...
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The King Gets His Ring: NBA Finals Gifs
The Miami Heat won their second NBA championship in the franchise’s history, and while that’s a worthy accomplishment, last night was abou...
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Singing Mike Tyson Returns for Kevin Durant
Earlier this week, Mike Tyson made his singing debut on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, singing something that resembled a heartfelt ballad to the current...
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NBA Finals: Twitter Is Ready For Game 1
Yes, I know the NBA isn’t on NBC anymore, but that’s still the best NBA Finals Introduction theme of all time, so I’m using it. Prob...
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Remixing Kevin Durant’s Doodle Jump Commercial
If you watch any kind of sports-related events on television, there’s little doubt you’ve seen Kevin Durant’s Doodle Jump/Sprint Unl...
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May 1st Shall Now Be Known as Kate Upton Day
There’s a mixture of beauty and personality that very few people are able to mesh in terms of being a celebrity. Many times models who transcend...
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Kevin Durant’s Rucker Park Performance Goes Viral
Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star Kevin Durant took to Harlem last night to play a little ball. Apparently things went swimmingly. The game took place at...
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