Singing Mike Tyson Returns for Kevin Durant

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Earlier this week, Mike Tyson made his singing debut on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, singing something that resembled a heartfelt ballad to the current King of the NBA, LeBron James. Once the song hit the wires, good times were had by all as Mike Tyson serenaded the most talked about athlete this side of Tiger Woods. Since it was posted on YouTube, Tyson's love song to LeBron James has received over a quarter of a million views, as people are apparently clamoring for more vocal mastery from the former heavyweight champion of the world.

And so, Tyson's back again to entrall the world with the power of song. This time, Tyson's song is dedicated to Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder; however, instead of hitting Durant with another slow jam, this time, Tyson kicks it up a notch with song that's done to the tune of Motley Crue's "Dr. Feelgood," which allows the ex-boxer an opportunity to flex his ability to rock out.

My words don't really do the song much justice, so let's just show the damn thing:

Pure and utter class, no?

It should be pointed that, since Tyson began singing these odes to players in the NBA Finals, the team his song is aimed at has lost the subsequent game. In his first video, Tyson sang for LeBron James and the Heat lost. Last night, the Oklahoma City home loss was preceded by Tyson's tribute. Coincidence or is this just another NBA conspiracy?

As you might expect, the news of Tyson's follow-up performance didn't escape the ever-watchful eyes of Twitter:

Yoooo. I don't think that could be considered rap, Kay. Nice try though. I'm sure Kimmel appreciates your viewership. Who's next on Tyson's list of people to be serenaded? Commissioner Stern? That would almost be too good to be true.

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