May 1st Shall Now Be Known as Kate Upton Day

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There's a mixture of beauty and personality that very few people are able to mesh in terms of being a celebrity. Many times models who transcend their magazine spreads and enter the world of celebrity status are often met with hostility, and cynicism. The reason for this is it's extremely difficult to present a likable person to identify with, who beforehand was simply known as someone men or women liked to ogle at. See Channing Tatum for a recent example.

But we aren't talking Tatum, oh no, May 1st now belongs to Kate Upton. The lady who gleamed in the eye of many heterosexual males, and most likely homosexual females (I can't speak as much for this demographic), with her Carl Jr. commercial.

In just a day, Upton has sold this cynical writer as someone who's here to stay and dare I say has a star like quality that is already oozing with gravitas. All of which is on display with two YouTube videos which have become, and will continue to be viral hits. I actually laughed at her comedic delivery in the Skullcandy ad, I swear. Both display, dare I say it, a sweet spot, showing not just an attractive blonde model but one that has a personality you can't help but adore.

So, Kevin Durant and James Harden, feel blessed to be a part of what I'm deeming this most holy of days - Kate Upton Day. Enjoy.

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