Remixing Kevin Durant's Doodle Jump Commercial

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If you watch any kind of sports-related events on television, there's little doubt you've seen Kevin Durant's Doodle Jump/Sprint Unlimited Data commercial. The concept is you, the user, missed Durant's game-winning shot because you spent what was left of your data plan downloading the popular Doodle Jump game.

Well, it's been remixed to include last night's game-winning layup that Durant hit against the Los Angeles Lakers. Granted, not a lot of attention has been paid to it, thanks in large part to Kobe Bryant's surly reaction to his team essentially choking away a Game Two win. I can't say I feel bad for Kobe, but I do understand why ESPN, et al, is so focused on that as opposed to Durant's shot. A pissed-off Kobe Bryant always makes for good TV, but then again, so does Kevin Durant scoring. With that in mind, let's take a look at what's been done.

First, the original commercial:

Now for the Durant's basket that put his Oklahoma City Thunder ahead for good:

And now, the remix that incorporates the two:

Too bad there are so many butthurt Lakers fans watching these videos. Case in point:

fuck OKC.

chillin567ify 10 minutes ago


take this off, wtf man. fuck the thunder.

FreeLobbiez 1 hour ago

Nothing like whiny fans to make things even more enjoyable than they already are. You can almost taste the salt from their tears.

[Via The Basketball Jones]

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