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Tag: Keith Block

Bret Taylor Stepping Down as Salesforce Co-CEO
For the second time in three years, a co-CEO is leaving Salesforce as Bret Taylor announces his departure from the role and the company....
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Despite a New Co-CEO, Marc Benioff Say’s He’s ‘Never Leaving Salesforce’
Salesforce once again has co-CEOs, but that doesn’t mean longtime CEO Marc Benioff plans to retire anytime soon…or ever....
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Miguel Milano Leaves Salesforce For AI Startup Celonis
AI startup Celonis has announced that President of Salesforce International, Miguel Milano, is joining the company as co-owner and Chief Revenue Offic...
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Keith Block Resigns As Salesforce Co-CEO
In a move that has surprised many, Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block has resigned....
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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: ‘The U.S. Needs a Data Protection Agency’
Even worse, much of that data was collected without consent or, at the very least, without users knowingly agreeing to it being collected. In the digi...
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The Company That Can End Privacy Just Ran Afoul of Twitter
Clearview AI, the company that made headlines last week for potentially ending privacy as we know it, has incurred the wrath of Twitter, according to ...
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Salesforce Co-CEO Says U.S. Needs National Privacy Law
Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block has come out in favor of a national privacy law, according to CNBC. Privacy is becoming one of the biggest battlegrounds...
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Huge Wave Of Digital Transformation, Says Salesforce CEO
“There's a huge wave of digital transformation,” says Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block. “A lot of these different technologies are coming together....
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Salesforce CEO: Every B2B and B2C Company Is Becoming a B2B2C Company
Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff says that every company is becoming a B2B2C company. “Every B2B company and B2C company is becoming a B2B2C company,�...
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Salesforce co-CEO: We Are Just at the Dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
“Our customers, they're betting their business on us,” says Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block. “They're disrupting their business models. They're re...
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Salesforce CEO: Incredible Wave, Global Phenomenon of Digital Transformation
Cloud adoption is just in the very early days says Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block. He says that over the last few years we’ve been in a perfect storm...
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