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Katherine Heigl Headed Back to TV Following Cancellation of ‘State of Affairs’
Katherine Heigl first shone on TV on Grey’s Anatomy. After playing Izzie Stevens from 2005 to 2010, she returned to TV on State of Affairs. NBC ...
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Katherine Heigl Is Not Returning To ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, Creator Shonda Rhimes Kills Fans’ Hopes
When asked about the possible return of Katherine Heigl in the next season of Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes, the series creator, immediately killed ...
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Katherine Heigl, Alexis Bledel: Gay Marriage Portrayed in New Film On Heels of Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Decision
Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel come out as lesbian lovers in a new film called Jenny’s Wedding, which is set to hit theaters on July 31st. He...
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Katherine Heigl Can’t Imagine “Grey’s Anatomy” Without McDreamy
Katherine Heigl had the same reaction that the rest of the world had when the Grey’s Anatomy team killed off Patrick Dempsey’s character, ...
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“Grey’s Anatomy”: Is Katherine Heigl Coming Back? (Spoilers)
Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most successful, longest-running shows on television right now, and former star Katherine Heigl says she’s st...
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Katherine Heigl Was Just As Shocked As Anyone At The Loss Of McDreamy
Katherine Heigl has been absent from Grey’s Anatomy for quite a while now and didn’t have the inside scoop that she used to. In fact, Kath...
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Katherine Heigl Talks ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Sans Patrick Dempsey’s McDreamy, Might She Return to the Show?
Katherine Heigl was as shocked by Patrick Dempsey’s exit from Grey’s Anatomy as the show’s fans. During a recent interview–whi...
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Katherine Heigl: ‘State of Affairs’ Cancelled, NBC Axes Several More Shows
Katherine Heigl learned some disappointing news this week. Her TV drama State of Affairs was cancelled by NBC. The former Grey’s Anatomy actress...
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Katherine Heigl Drama Cancelled; More Shows That Got The Ax
Katherine Heigl had hoped to make a big television comeback with the NBC drama State Of Affairs, but according to the L.A. Times, the show has been ca...
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Katherine Heigl Threatened Husband Josh Kelley That She’d Date John Mayer to Get Him to Commit
Katherine Heigl recently revealed some interesting facts about how she snagged her husband, singer Josh Kelley. The State of Affairs actress told Mere...
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Katherine Heigl, ‘State of Affairs’ Filling ‘The Blacklist’s’ Slot
Katherine Heigl stars in State of Affairs tonight (Monday, November 17th) in the NBC slot that housed The Blacklist throughout its intense and wildly ...
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Katherine Heigl Refuses To Conform To Hollywood’s Standards
Katherine Heigl has been having a hard time with the media for the past couple years. Media woes for the Life As We Know It star began back in 2008 wh...
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Katherine Heigl Says She Won’t Be Bullied
Katherine Heigl has gained a reputation over the years for being difficult to work with, and now she’s speaking out about the way she’s be...
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Katherine Heigl Says She Isn’t Rude
Katherine Heigl may have a successful career, but if she isn’t careful, her reputation for having a bad attitude and being rude could start costing ...
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Katherine Heigl Tackles Rumors She Is Rude In Facebook Q&A
She’s starred in well-loved projects such as Grey’s Anatomy and Knocked Up, but Katherine Heigl has also battled rumors that she’s a difficult a...
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Katherine Heigl: “I’ve Made Mistakes”
On Saturday, November 1, Katherine Heigl responded to rumors that she is rude and hard to work with during a Facebook Q&A. “I’ve hear...
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Katherine Heigl Admits, ‘I’ve Made Mistakes,’ During Facebook Q&A
Katherine Heigl has admitted to some mistakes in the past, but says she’ll continue to stand up for herself if she feels slighted or disrespecte...
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Katherine Heigl Is Not In The Adult Film Business, Films Steamy Scene For TV
Katherine Heigl is known by some for being “difficult” to work with, and a photo she posted on Instagram recently shows what the lengths her crew ...
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Katherine Heigl Gets Naked With Her TV Crew
Katherine Heigl recently shared an Instagram shot with her followers that featured her naked and in bed with several seemingly naked men. As one might...
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