Katherine Heigl Was Just As Shocked As Anyone At The Loss Of McDreamy

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Katherine Heigl has been absent from Grey's Anatomy for quite a while now and didn't have the inside scoop that she used to.

In fact, Katherine Heigl was casually written of after a tumultuous six seasons due to her loud complaints about the show and the material she was given to work with.

We won't talk about the fact that Katherine Heigl's career did everything but tank after that debacle.

What we will talk about is Katherine Heigl's reaction to Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy, aka Patrick Dempsey, being killed off suddenly in April.

Katherine Heigl said what most fans felt.

Gracie Lou's pretty in pink look!

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She said, "I just can't even imagine the show without McDreamy. I just can't! It's so hard to picture."

Yes, it is.

Rumors have been floating around that, although her exit was unceremonious, Katherine Heigl could possibly have a chance to return for an episode during season 12.

Love me some Charlie from the @PETCOfoundation ‚Äčand I'm so grateful for the great work he does!

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However, Katherine Heigl was quick to put those rumors to rest.

When asked if there was a chance for Dr. Izzie Stevens' return, Katherine Heigl said, "There's not. I'm sorry."

While a return to Grey's Anatomy isn't in the cards for Katherine Heigl, she is really glad she had the experience she did.

She said, "[It] was just an incredible experience for me. It changed the course of my life and career and I couldn't be more grateful. I just hope it goes for as long as they all want it to."

Sounds like there are no hard feelings for Katherine Heigl toward the Grey's team.

What do you think? Are you still holding out hope that Katherine Heigl could make a return?

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