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Katie Holmes Turns Coy When James Corden Asks Which “Dawson’ Creek” Costar Was Better Kisser
Katie Holmes was coy on Wednesday night while a guest on James Corden’s Late Late Show. Along with fellow guests Judd Apatow and Ryan Reynolds, ...
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Katie Holmes Talks Kissing “Dawson’s Creek” Costars, Who Was the Better Kisser?
Katie Holmes was a guest on The Late Late Show on Wednesday night, and she chatted with James Corden–along with fellow guests Judd Apatow and Ry...
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Leslie Mann, Dakota Johnson Get “Handsome” Reporter To Unbutton His Shirt
Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson seem to have bonded during their time together on the set of How To Be Single, and now the duo are having a blast on th...
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Mila Kunis Joins Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate in Untitled Comedy Penned By ‘The Hangover’ Writing Team
Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate prove that stars do align. The threesome have all signed on to star in an untitled STX comedy, which ...
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Judd Apatow Slams Bill Cosby in Spot-On ‘Tonight Show’ Stand Up Routine
Judd Apatow doesn’t include Bill Cosby on his list of BFFs. In fact, the director has made it unequivocally clear recently that he believes Cosb...
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Whoopi Goldberg Stops Backing Bill Cosby. Here’s What She Learned.
Whoopi Goldberg may be softening her once-hard stance about Bill Cosby. After duking it out with fans and viewers of The View for months, the host sat...
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Whoopi Goldberg Now Admits Bill Cosby Looks Guilty
Whoopi Goldberg defended Bill Cosby last week on The View. Since reviewing new information about the allegations facing the former star of The Cosby S...
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Judd Apatow Calls Out Cosby Holdouts After Quaaludes News
Judd Apatow has been outspoken about the mess Bill Cosby finds himself in lately. Many people have opinions about what is going on with Cosby, but Apa...
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Camille Cosby Has Not Denied Charges Against Bill. Here’s What She Did Say.
Camille Cosby has remained silent in the wake of the release of court documents in which her husband Bill Cosby admits procuring drugs for women he in...
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Amy Schumer Doesn’t Hold Back With Her Hilarious Jokes At MTV Movie Awards
Amy Schumer said before hosting Sunday’s MTV Awards that she would “make some people mad,” and she may have been telling the truth a...
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Amy Schumer On How Falling In Love Is More “Terrifying” Than Fun
Amy Schumer makes her living as a funny lady, but she isn’t afraid to delve into some darker territory when it comes time to talk about love, an...
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Lena Dunham Hires Real-Life Olivia Pope to Handle Damage Control
Lena Dunham has reportedly hired the woman who inspired the character of Olivia Pope on ABC’s Scandal to help with crisis management, and it com...
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Laura Dern, Judd Apatow to Produce Comedy Based on ‘Obsessive Female Football Fans’
Laura Dern and Girls producer Judd Apatow are teaming up with Universal studios to produce a comedy centered around “obsessive female football f...
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Pee-Wee Herman Movie is Official! Reubens Told Fallon. Yeah, Right.
It must be real this time, huh? Maybe I’m a skeptic. Maybe I am wrong to have this wait-and-see attitude. But you know, “Fool me once, shame on yo...
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Netflix Lands New Judd Apatow Comedy Series ‘Love’
Score another win for Netflix in the original content realm. The company has just given a big vote of confidence to a new series called Love – commi...
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Pee-Wee Herman New Movie: When Will This Thing Happen Anyway?
Paul Reubens has been teasing the coming of a new Pee-Wee Herman movie for ages. Every year there is some new piece of news about an imminent producti...
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Martin Scorsese Defends Kodak’s Production of Film
In January 2012, things could not have looked worse for Kodak. After 123 years of filmmaking, the company, created by George Eastman, had applied for ...
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Marisa Tomei And Daniel Radcliffe Cuddle In Public
Despite what Judd Apatow says, there is photographic evidence to prove it. Marisa Tomei and Daniel Radcliffe are part of the cast for the new Apatow c...
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Ann Hornaday Responds To Seth Rogen’s Tweet Over Shootings
Ann Hornaday found herself at the center of some controversy this week after her op-ed piece named Seth Rogen and director Judd Apatow as contributors...
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Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton Stun on ‘The Other Woman’ Red Carpet
Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton wore distinctly different yet equally stunning gowns to the Los Angeles premiere of The Other Woman Monday n...
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