Amy Schumer Doesn't Hold Back With Her Hilarious Jokes At MTV Movie Awards

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Amy Schumer said before hosting Sunday's MTV Awards that she would "make some people mad," and she may have been telling the truth about that.

Amy Schumer, the star of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, hosted the MTV Movie Awards with some off-color, albeit hilarious jokes that may have touched a nerve for some.

In a pre-taped spoof of the year's top films, Amy Schumer delivered the same type of material she usually reserves for the stand-up routines.

She took on Boyhood by telling a young boy she would end up getting HPV and screaming at strangers in The Bachelor’s hot tub and wore a cannula while asking when she would get high from it in a spoof of The Fault in Our Stars.

“Is anyone else not getting high from these things? Is this a trick or something?” she asked.

She promised to hit Kevin Hart of Jupiter Ascending "pretty hard" and she delivered. Not surprisingly, Amy Schumer also managed to incorporate a slew of masterbation references throughout the telecast.

Amy Schumer went political by referring to Sunday's announcement of Hillary Clinton entering the presidential race.

"After months of speculation, Hillary Clinton today announced...she's taking Zayn's spot in One Direction," Schumer said enthusiastically."First woman in One Direction: I never thought I'd live to see the day!"

Entertainment Weekly made a list of her best jokes, which included:

- “I don’t want the winners to worry about their speeches going too long, because MTV is the one network that refuses to play music.”

- “The Movie Awards are the only show where the best movies are nominated and voted on by the same people who keep Catfish and Teen Mom on the air. Thank you for that. Keep it up.”

- “Do you know how many movies Kevin [Hart] made this year? Two million. He made two million. Did you see Boyhood? He’s the boy, age 9. He was the fake baby in American Sniper.”

- “Magic Mike XXL. It really is magic. Anytime I watch those guys, at least two of my fingers disappear. It’s so weird.”

- “Furious 7—which is what they’re calling the people that saw Jupiter Ascending. If you don’t get that, that’s why that joke works.”

- “This drought in California is horrible. I can’t. And I just found out about it right now. Like all I can think about for another couple minutes. Support your Congress thing, and like, science. And just tell Wall Street, like, bring back our water.”

Amy Schumer is slated to appear next in Judd Apatow’s upcoming Trainwreck.

Pam Wright