Katie Holmes Turns Coy When James Corden Asks Which "Dawson' Creek" Costar Was Better Kisser

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Katie Holmes was coy on Wednesday night while a guest on James Corden's Late Late Show. Along with fellow guests Judd Apatow and Ryan Reynolds, the group chatted about Dawson's Creek--the hit TV show on which Katie Holmes became famous.

Corden stirred things up a bit when he asked Katie which of her costars--James Van Der Beek or Joshua Jackson--was the better kisser.

Katie Holmes turned the tables on James Corden, however.

"Who do you think?" she coyly asked him.

"I think Der Beek, because I would get straight up in his grill," James Corden said.

"I went to high school with Josh, and I can tell you right now, he's a terrific kisser," Ryan Reynolds said. He and Joshua Jackson attended Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver together.

"Well, I mean if he says so…" Katie Holmes said, laughing at the foolish things the three men were saying.

Those who remember the days of Dawson's Creek likely recall that Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson were dating when the show first aired. That would have made choosing Van Der Beek as the better kisser a bit uncomfortable.

Another uncomfortable topic that came up on The Late Late Show was how kissing an actor on TV compares with a real-life first kiss.

"It's so awkward because with a first kiss in [real] life, if it doesn't go well you can kinda be like, 'Oh I gotta get home,' or 'thanks.' You never have to deal with that person again," Katie Holmes explained. "But on screen, you're gonna have to have lunch and you're probably have to work together tomorrow, so it's a little bit [awkward]."

Were you a Dawson's Creek fan? Do you remember a much younger Katie Holmes when she starred on the TV show?

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