Amy Schumer On How Falling In Love Is More "Terrifying" Than Fun

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Amy Schumer makes her living as a funny lady, but she isn't afraid to delve into some darker territory when it comes time to talk about love, and that's just what she did with Judd Apatow for the film Trainwreck. The film premieres in July, but it made its debut at SXSW over the weekend to a sold-out crowd, so fans of her naughty humor can expect the same brilliance she gives them on her show Inside Amy Schumer.

The film has a lot of Amy in it, she says; not only when it comes to her feelings on love and how difficult it can be, but also for the family aspect. Comedian Colin Quinn plays her father, who is battling multiple sclerosis--just like her real dad.

“There is no denying that there is a lot of me in this movie. I, as they say, went there. It’s really personal. It’s about stuff I was struggling with and am constantly battling," Schumer told Entertainment Weekly.

Schumer is killing it in her career right now; not only is her show about to start up a third--and no doubt just as successful--season on Comedy Central, her stand-up routines are garnering huge laughs and great reviews. According to the Chicago Tribune, Amy knows how to play up her raunchy brand of humor for each audience.

"Regardless of what happens on the film front, the comic is already a master standup. During the first of two shows at the Chicago Theatre on Friday night, Schumer held the sold-out crowd in rapt attention for a solid hour. The crowd roared with non-stop laughter at her eccentric, sly and irreverent world view," wrote Chrissie Dickinson.

Although Schumer says that Trainwreck deals with the darker aspects of love, fans at SXSW were happy with the injection of humor that the comedian brought, as well as the somewhat surprising performances by LeBron James and John Cena.

“It’s scary to fall in love. I was falling in love with someone when I was writing it and it wasn’t even fun. It’s just terrifying. You’re just waiting to be hurt," Amy Schumer said.

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