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Harrison Ford Might Appear In Future Star Wars Films?
Harrison Ford has hinted that he just might appear in future Star Wars films. The 73-year-old actor who played Han Solo in several Star Wars films, st...
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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Together for First Time Since Her Revealing Interview–Ben Dresses as Batman for Son’s Birthday Party
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were together on Saturday for the first time since her revealing interview, in which she divulged she knew Ben Affleck...
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Jimmy Kimmel Creates Faux Trump Ad Full Of Errors From The “Poorly Educated”
Jimmy Kimmel is one of many Americans following the events leading up to the next presidential election, and he’s not letting any of the candida...
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Gwen Stefani Admits New Song, “Make Me Like You,” is About Blake Shelton
Gwen Stefani admitted on Tuesday night, while a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! something most of her fans expected was true. Her new song, “Make Me...
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Jennifer Aniston Honeymoon Not Ruined by Cruel Coincidence of Carmel Musgrove’s Death
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux wed in August in a secret ceremony, flying off with close friends to Bora Bora for a honeymoon getaway the next da...
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Anna Faris Talks Parenthood, Says She Was Terrible Babysitter
Anna Faris and hubby Chris Pratt are still relatively new to this parenting thing, and she was quite clear about that during her visit with Jimmy Kimm...
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Kirsten Dunst Prepared For Her ‘Fargo’ Role By Pigging Out, Watching ‘Friday Night Lights’ and Loving It
Kirsten Dunst lived out everyone’s dream of being lazy and eating like a pig, all the while getting paid to do so. For her role on the FX series...
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Howard Stern Jumps on Jay Leno Over Jimmy Kimmel “Mean Streak” Comment
Howard Stern is taking Jimmy Kimmel’s side following a comment Jay Leno made about the late-night host. It was during an interview with the New ...
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Keanu Reeves Stars in a Worthwhile Speed Sequel
Ageless Wonder Keanu Reeves was on Jimmy Kimmel this week to promote his new film Knock Knock, but it was the trailer for another film that got everyo...
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Kristen Bell Is Speechless After Reading Mean Tweet About Herself
Kristen Bell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week just to read some unkind words about herself, and although she was a good sport about it, she was...
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Emily Blunt, Camila Alves Become U.S. Citizens, Jimmy Kimmel Tests Blunt
Emily Blunt and Camila Alves became U.S. citizens in August, and while a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, Blunt recalled the momentous day. ...
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Courteney Cox Last Guest to Leave Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Wedding
Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston have been BFFs since their Friends days–and the ladies are best friends still. And just like most best friend...
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Charlize Theron, President Obama, and A Strip Club?
Charlize Theron, President Obama, and a strip club aren’t three topics one might expect to find all strung together in the same sentence–o...
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Charlize Theron Describes Her Verbal Diarrhea to Jimmy Kimmel
Charlize Theron has played many types of women in acting roles over the years. She can be frightening, elegant, fierce, and afraid. One gets the impre...
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Amal Alamuddin Still Lets George Clooney Ride His Motorcycle
Amal Alamuddin still makes women angry. She is the woman who finally made an honest man out of George Clooney. But people are noticing quickly that Am...
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Chris Brown Poses for First Time With Daughter Royalty
Chris Brown posed for the first time with his daughter Royalty, the 10-month-old child he fathered during a fling with former model Nia Guzman. It was...
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Betty White Falls, Gets A Black Eye
Betty White stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, and when she sat down, Kimmel immediately noticed something wrong. “What’s going on...
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Van Halen Takes Roth to TV for First Time, Gets Him Injured
Van Halen membership is a dangerous thing. Eddie Van Halen has had his hip replaced, parts of his tongue cut out, and lost who knows how many brain ce...
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Obama Somehow Finds Some Mean Tweets to Read
When we heard that President Obama was stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live, we wondered if Kimmel would have him participate in his best segment – celebri...
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Katy Perry, Drake, Lady Gaga Read Mean Tweets
Jimmy Kimmel’s best segment and one of the overall best bits on late night – mean tweets – has returned. This time, it’s the second-ev...
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