Betty White Falls, Gets A Black Eye

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Betty White stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, and when she sat down, Kimmel immediately noticed something wrong.

"What's going on with your eye?" Jimmy Kimmel asked Betty White.

Of course, Betty White still has a quick wit at 93 years old and saw the opportunity to make a joke.

Betty White replied, "Oh, well, the makeup lady had a little problem with me and she hit me."

She continued, "It was so unexpected! I thought she had a powder puff. She had her fist!"

Jimmy Kimmel played along, saying, "I apologize. That is not how we expect our staff to behave with a guest."

Betty White then revealed the real reason for her shiner, saying that she fell in the kitchen at her home.

She then said, "I never go in the kitchen because it's dangerous! Of course!"

Betty White also talked about her love of driving. She doesn't drive as much anymore, but said she has loved it since the day she started in 1938.

Betty White said, "I still drive, but people spoil me rotten. I get driven."

She added, "I love to drive! Oh! I have a house up in Carmel and I love that drive. I could drive forever. I just love it."

Later, Kimmel asked what it was like for Betty White to drive back in 1938.

Betty White replied, "Lovely! Oh, I was so thrilled, of course. I still love to drive. I love to drive! But when you first get driving, it's such a thrill."

Then, of course, Jimmy Kimmel had to play off of her thrill comment saying, "It's the second best feeling there is, you know?"

After a moment of pause for processing, Betty White exclaimed, "Oh! Yes!"

Hilarious! A Betty White appearance is never a disappointment, is it?

Did you watch Betty White's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!?

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