Jimmy Kimmel Creates Faux Trump Ad Full Of Errors From The "Poorly Educated"

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Jimmy Kimmel is one of many Americans following the events leading up to the next presidential election, and he's not letting any of the candidates off the hook.

The talk show host recently created a faux ad supposedly from the "poorly educated" masses--they got a shoutout from Donald Trump, who recently said he loves them--which is full of misspellings and grammatical mistakes. It also promises a "leeder" who isn't afraid to take on dictators like "Voldemort Putin" and "Lil Kim of North Korea".

"He loves the poorly educated—who says that? The poorly educated love him so much they made him this advertisement," Kimmel said.

Kimmel sat down for an interview recently with Extra and gave his thoughts on Trump and his beef with the Pope, saying that next the billionaire will be feuding with Oprah.

“We should believe it, but it is hard to process it, even that the Pope knows who Donald Trump is, is weird… It had to be weird for Donald Trump to wake up and go 'Oh, I'm in a fight with the Pope.'...It goes Pope, Jesus, Oprah...You don’t attack Oprah and expect to survive," Jimmy said.

He also weighed in on the feud between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, which has been heating up in recent weeks. Kimmel says he curious to know whether the phone call that allegedly took place between them--in which he says he told her about the lyric in his song "Famous" that references his belief that he's responsible for her career--really ever happened.

“I would love to know what’s going on there — I really would love to know if he thinks he made that phone call. Maybe he was a victim of a crank call… who knows what happened? I would love to get to the bottom of that.”

Jimmy Kimmel is reportedly in talks to host the Emmy Awards again this year after his successful run as host four years ago. Though it's not set in stone, the move would come after SNL alum Andy Samberg hosted in 2015 to mixed reactions.

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