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Italy Takes Steps to Protect Workers From AI
Italy is taking steps to protect workers from AI, setting aside funds to help train those most likely to face job losses as a result of the tech....
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Italy and ChatGPT Bury the Hatchet
Italy and ChatGPT have buried the hatchet and made up after OpenAI addressed privacy concerns that led to a ban....
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OpenAI Will Address Italy’s Concerns to Resolve ChatGPT Ban
OpenAI is working to address Italy's concerns that led the country's privacy watchdog to ban ChatGPT....
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Italy’s Deputy PM: Regulators Showed ‘Too Much Zeal’ Banning ChatGPT
Italy's Deputy Prime Minister is not a fan of regulators' decision to ban ChatGPT, fearing Italy will fall behind the rest of the world....
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Italy Blocks ChatGPT
Italy's privacy watchdog has blocked ChatGPT's use within the country, citing privacy concerns over how OpenAI handles user data....
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Intel and Italy Move Forward With Talks for $9 Billion Chip Factory
Intel and Italy are moving forward with negotiations to build a $9 billion chip factory....
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Amazon’s Italy Workers Go On Strike
Amazon’s workers in Italy are going on a 24-hour strike to protest working conditions....
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Apple Opening First iOS App Dev Center in Europe
Apple announced that it will open its first European iOS app development center. It’s to be located at partner institution in Naples, Italy. The...
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Selfie Seekers Caught Carving Initials into the Colosseum
What would you do for the perfect selfie? Would you deface a landmark – one of the most famous historical locations in the world? Two Californian wo...
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Microsoft Launches Cortana In More Countries
Microsoft announced today that it is launching Cortana (its Siri competitor) in four new countries in Europe: France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. ̶...
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Elisabetta Canalis Marries Brian Perri In Italy
Elisabetta Canalis has officially beat her ex, George Clooney, to the altar. The Italian actress married her fiance, orthopedic surgeon Brian Perry, o...
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Amanda Knox’s Lawyer: Case “…Wholly Unjust”
Amanda Knox’s murder trials for the murder of Meredith Kercher have seemed unending. With an innocent verdict, then a guilty, and now an appeal ...
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Google Faces Potential Fines, Criminal Charges In Italy [Report]
Google continues to walk down a rocky road in Europe as it now faces fines and potential criminal charges if it does not meed requirements set by regu...
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Costa Concordia: Amazing Underwater Footage Of Sunken Ship Revealed
Italian authorities released a video that shows the interiors of the Costa Concordia, a cruise ship that struck a rock on the island of Giglio, Italy ...
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Zac Efron: From ‘Wiggle’ to ‘Turn Down for What’
Zac Efron has moves–amazing dance moves–and he’s been happy to share them in recent days via video clips–while on vacation in ...
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Amanda Knox Ex-Boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, Reveals Weakness of Alibi
Amanda Knox’s former boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, is casting doubt on the alibi which has become the cornerstone of the defense for him and Kn...
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Luis Suarez Faces FIFA Charge for Biting Chiellini
Luis Suárez faces FIFA sanctions for allegedly biting opponent Giorgio Chiellini in Tuesday’s World Cup game between Italy and Uruguay. Suárez...
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Fanny Neguesha Says Yes to Mario Balotelli
With the FIFA World Cup being played only once every four years, one can only imagine the pressure soccer’s greatest superstars are under to per...
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Nun Wins ‘Voice’ Contest in Italy
One of the biggest goals of Pope Francis in his brief popedom thus far has been to get the Catholic Church closer to the average person, prompting chu...
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Mario Balotelli Praised For Keeping Calm During Racist Taunts
Mario Balotelli was the target of racial slurs once again on Wednesday, this time during training in Florence. But the young forward–who reporte...
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