Apple’s Autonomous Vehicle May Be Stuck in the Slow Lane

Apple’s autonomous vehicle, Project Titan, seems to be experiencing issues and may be stuck in the slow lane, according to a new report.

Australia Sues Meta Over Fake Celebrity Endorsement Ads

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is suing Meta over scam ads on Facebook featuring fake celebrity endorsements.

Facebook Will Pay For News in France

Facebook has said it will pay for news in France, a departure from the company’s previous stance.

Shatner Returns to Earth After Successful Blue Origin Flight

Blue Origin’s record-breaking flight was a resounding success as the crew, including William Shatner, have returned to Earth.

US Judge Shoots Down Patents For AI ‘Inventors’

A US judge has dealt a blow to those wanting to register patents on behalf of artificial intelligence (AI).

Facebook Joins $1 Trillion Club Following Antitrust Win

Facebook scored a major win in its antitrust case, with a federal judge dismissing attempts to roll back some of its biggest acquisitions.

Intel Willing to Work With Third Point Hedge Fund

Intel has signaled it is willing to work with Third Point hedge fund to improve its business.

Huawei Opening First Factory Outside of China

Huawei is preparing to open its first network equipment factory outside of China, as the company works to address security concerns.

Oracle/Walmart/TikTok Deal May Be Headed For Another Impasse

The deal to keep TikTok running in the US is headed for another impasse over control of the new company.

PayPal Looking To Enter Cryptocurrency Space

PayPal is looking to get into cryptocurrency, opening the door for its 365 million customers.

Morocco Using Drones to Tackle Coronavirus Pandemic

In one of the more unusual use cases, Morocco is the latest country to turn to arial drones to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.

China Using Big Data and AI to Fight Coronavirus

In an effort to get ahead of the corona virus, China is turning to big data and artificial intelligence to help identify those infected. According to the International Business Times (IBT), “several Chinese tech firms have developed apps to help…

AG Barr: U.S. and Allies Should Buy Nokia and Ericsson

The International Business Times (IBT) is reporting that Attorney General William Barr has floated the possibility of the U.S. and allies buying a controlling interest in Nokia and Ericsson to help combat Huawei. According to IBT, in a speech at…