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Tag: Infographics

Infographic: People Have Smaller Attention Spans Than Goldfish (Marketing Tips For Overcoming This)
Last year, Microsoft released some research finding that the average attention span for a goldfish is about nine seconds and that for people of the sm...
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Email Marketing Only Becoming Bigger Priority For Marketers
Email on Acid recently released the results of a survey of 3,550 professionals (including marketers and developers) from last fall, looking at develop...
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Infographic Looks At ‘Social Media Inflation’
TrackMaven is sharing a new infographic illustrating its Social Media Inflation Index and asking “how ‘good'” your social media foll...
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Infographic Looks at ‘Man vs. Machine’ In PPC
Man vs Machine has always been a complicated argument. In every industry, machines have replaced jobs and turned them into automated functions, but th...
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Why You Need a Killer About Me Page
Your about me page is, statistically speaking, one of your top 10 pages on your site. It’s right up there with your home page, your most popular...
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Here’s A Great Checklist For Business Social Media Use
By now, many businesses have settled into something of a groove when it comes to their approach with social media, for better for for worse. Others ar...
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30 Easy Ways To Increase Your Ecommerce Conversions
Many eCommerce websites are struggling to make conversions. Since conversion rates directly correlate to the overall performance of businesses, this c...
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Infographic Shows Facebook and Instagram Ad Specs For 10 Objectives
In the past week or so, Facebook has revealed how many active advertisers it has on both Facebook and Instagram. Facebook has surpassed 3 million afte...
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Infographic Gives Helpful Advice For Converting Online Shoppers
Approved Index has an an interesting new infographic out based on a UK-based survey of 2,000 e-commerce shoppers. “E-commerce is a £52 billion ...
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Groupon Celebrates A Billion Deals With Stat-Heavy Infographic
Groupon just announced that it recently sold its billionth Groupon, which it says puts it in the “the same elite company as Apple, McDonalds, Ub...
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Yahoo Infographic Gives A Bunch of Native Advertising Stats
Yahoo dropped a bunch of native advertising stats from Gemini for 2015, particularly in third-party mobile apps. All Gemini mobile ads are native, whi...
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Slack Drops a Bunch of Stats As it Turns 2
Slack is celebrating its birthday with a new infographic highlighting its user base and a number of other stats. As the company notes, it hit 500,000 ...
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Infographic Gives Marketers Some Stats on Snapchat
Everybody knows that Snapchat has become incredibly popular over the past couple of years, but many marketers are still new to it if they’ve eve...
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Yelp Finds Small Businesses Expecting A Good Year
Yelp has released some findings from its first annual Small Business Pulse survey, which reached out to 900 small businesses in an effort to learn mor...
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Using StumbleUpon To Get Traffic [Infographic]
StumbleUpon is going through some major changes as a company. It recently went through some restructuring and is now once again owned by its co-founde...
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Salesforce Infographic Looks at Holiday Marketing Trends
Another day, another interesting infographic from Salesforce. Earlier this week, we looked at one the company released about the state of customer ser...
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The Countries Where Online Shopping Is Biggest
Expert Market has a new infographic out looking at which countries spend the most money on online shopping. The data is based on Statista’s Digi...
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Infographic Looks At The Changing World of Video
In 2006, a young YouTube was bought by Google for $1.65 billion dollars. Already a popular media platform, the video format of choice at the time was ...
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Your ROI is in the Mail
79% of consumers say they will act on Direct Mail immediately, only 45% say the same of Email This infographic illustrates the ROI of direct mail. Whe...
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From Mortar and Bricks to Cash and Clicks
E-commerce may seem like a retail staple to us, but for many people the legitimacy of online businesses never became apparent. The power of brick and ...
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