Tim Cook Isn’t Interested in Solving the ‘Green Bubble’ Problem

Apple seems largely unconcerned with the blue vs green bubble debate, with Cook saying the solution is to buy an iPhone.

Google Wants Apple to Fix Texting

Google is stepping up the pressure on Apple to adopt RCS messaging, asking the Cupertino company to fix texting.

EU Prepares to Crack Down on Big Tech, Unveils Sweeping Measures

The European Union has unveiled sweeping measures to crack down on Big Tech and increase competition across the industry.

Google SVP Wants to Help Apple Support RCS Messaging

Google SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer has extended an open invitation to help Apple embrace RCS messaging.

Android Messages Will Be Default Verizon Messaging App Next Year

Verizon has announced it will begin preloading Android messages as the default messaging app on its Android phones starting next year.

Google Rolling Out End-to-End Encryption in Messages

At long last, Google is rolling out end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in its Android Messages app.

Signal Adding Privacy-Focused Cryptocurrency Payments

Signal messaging app is adding payments, using the MobileCoin cryptocurrency and wallet.

T-Mobile First Carrier to Embrace Messages by Google

T-Mobile expanded its partnership with Google, becoming the first US carrier to make Messages by Google the default SMS choice on its Android phones.

Slack Tweaks Connect DM to Prevent Harassment

Just hours after rolling out its new Contact DM feature, Slack has made a significant change to it in order to prevent harassment.

iOS 14 iMessage Has a Major Security Upgrade

iMessage in iOS 14 has a major upgrade over previous versions, taking security to an all-new level.

Signal Adds Encrypted Group Calls

Signal has added a major new feature, giving users the ability to engage in encrypted groups calls.

Google’s RCS Messaging Available Globally, End-to-End Encryption Soon

Google has announced the global availability of RCS messaging, with end-to-end encryption coming soon.

Humane Scores Another Apple Executive

Humane has announced that Patrick Gates, former Apple Internet Services executive, has joined the startup as Chief Technology Officer.

iMessage May Add Mentions and Retracting Messages

Apple may be adding a number of new features to iMessage, including tagging individuals in a group and the ability to retract a message.

RCS Messages Finally Available to All U.S. Android Users

Sanaz Ahari, Google Sr. Director of Product & Design, announced Thursday via Twitter that RCS is now available for all Android users in the U.S. “Hi everyone! RCS is now available to all users in US as of Monday. Make…

Facebook Will Not Give Authorities a Backdoor to Access Encrypted Messages

Two months ago we reported on an open letter by Attorney General William Barr and his counterparts in Australia and the United Kingdom, calling on Facebook to create encryption backdoors in its messaging apps. This was followed by the FBI…

Google Search is Now Available for iMessage on iOS, Launches Other Features

Google has added some new teaks to its app for iOS users. On Monday, the company announced that it would be integrating its search engine into iMessage to give iPhone and iPad users a smoother search and sharing experience. To…

iMessage Not Working For Many Users

According to reports from multiple outlets, users are currently experiencing some problems with Apple’s iMessage service. According to The Next Web, iMessages seems to be having problems on devices through multiple carriers. MacRumors reports that their forums are full of…

Messages Beta For OS X Lion Disappears From Apple’s Website

Back in February Apple shocked pretty much everybody by announcing OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion without warning. At the time, they released a developer preview of Mountain Lion, as well as a public beta of one of Mountain Lion’s tentpole…

Apple Patents Mass-Texting New Contact Info

Everybody knows what a pain it can be to change your phone number. Not only do you have to memorize your new number (a step some people never bother to take), you have to update your contact info all over…