US Tightens the Noose Around Huawei’s Phone Business

The Biden administration has tightened the noose around Huawei’s phone business, restricting access to older technology.

FCC Bans Additional Equipment Sales From Chinese Firms

The FCC is continuing its crackdown on Chinese telecom firms, banning equipment from Huawei, ZTE, and others.

Seagate Cutting 3,000 Jobs, Accused of Selling to Huawei

Seagate is facing bad news on two fronts, with the company cutting 3,000 jobs and facing accusations of violating US export restrictions.

FBI: Huawei Equipment on Cell Towers Could Disrupt US Nuclear Capability

The FBI has accused Huawei of spying for China and installing equipment that could disrupt nuclear operations communications.

Huawei and ZTE Equipment Removal Will Cost Billions More

FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel has informed lawmakers that removing equipment from Huawei and ZTE will cost billions more than anticipated.

Canada Is the Last ‘Five Eyes’ Country to Ban Huawei

Canada is the latest country to ban Huawei, becoming the last of the so-called “Five Eyes” countries to do so.

Russia Has Two Months of Domestic Digital Storage Left

In an unexpected consequence of the sanctions it has faced, Russia only has two months of digital storage left domestically.

US Ramping Up Pressure on Chinese Companies Over Russia Sanctions

The US is already ramping up pressure on Chinese companies to cooperate with sanctions against Russia, despite China being critical of such sanctions.

Ripping Out Huawei and ZTE 5G Hardware Cost Rises to $5.6 Billion

The US has banned Huawei and ZTE equipment from its 5G networks, but the cost of implementing the ban has now risen to $5.6 billion.

Vodafone Idea Looks to Avoid Ericsson/Nokia 5G Duopoly

Vodafone Idea (Vi) is looking for a third-party provider of 5G equipment in an effort to avoid an Ericsson/Nokia duopoly.

Canada May Finally Ban Huawei

Canada may finally ban Huawei from its 5G networks, the last of the Five Eyes countries to do so.

’Huawei Loophole’ Closed, Huawei and ZTE Cut Off From All Licensing

US President Joe Biden has signed the Secure Equipment Act into law, preventing Huawei and ZTE from obtaining telecom licenses.

Huawei Sells Its x86 Server Business

Huawei has sold its x86 server business, another step in the firm’s efforts to insulate itself from sanctions.

Huawei Sales Down 32% As Company Reels From Sanctions

Huawei sales are down 32% from last year as the company continues to struggle with sanctions from the US and its allies.

FCC Wants to Ban Chinese Drone Maker, Dubbed ‘Huawei on Wings’

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr is calling for a review of Chinese drone maker DJI, saying it is potentially “Huawei on wings.”

Strong Worldwide 5G Helps Ericsson Beat Estimates

Ericsson reported its third-quarter results, beating expectations despite taking a hit in China.

Study Shows Android Has Serious Privacy Issues, Snoops on Users

A new study is showing just how much Android snoops on its users, transmitting large quantities of data to third-parties and Google.

Huawei Investing $15 Million in Middle East Cloud Computing

Huawei is preparing to invest $15 million over the next three years in Middle East cloud computing.

Huawei Cleared by US to Buy Chips for Automotive Business

The US has cleared the way for Huawei to purchase chips for its auto component business, giving the company a bit of a reprieve.

Huawei Planning a Return to the ‘Smartphone Throne’

Huawei is planning a return to the “smartphone throne” after crippling sanctions had a devastating impact on the company’s business.