Huawei Switches to Its Own MetaERP to Mitigate US Bans

Huawei is looking in-house to mitigate US-led efforts to block the company's access to commonly used software....
Huawei Switches to Its Own MetaERP to Mitigate US Bans
Written by Staff
  • Huawei is looking in-house to mitigate US-led efforts to block the company’s access to commonly used software.

    The US and its allies have cut off Huawei from a wide range of software and hardware over national security and privacy concerns. The bans have had a significant impact on the company’s business, including on its access to the internal software it needs to function.

    According to the company’s news release, its new “MetaERP currently handles 100% of Huawei’s business scenarios and 80% of its business volume.” The company says that “MetaERP has already passed the tests of monthly, quarterly, and yearly settlements, while ensuring zero faults, zero delays, and zero accounting adjustments.”

    “We were cut off from our old ERP system and other core operation and management systems more than three years ago,” said Tao Jingwen, Huawei’s Board Member and President of the Quality, Business Process & IT Mgmt Dept. “Since then, we have not only been able to build our own MetaERP, but also manage the switch and prove its capabilities. Today we are proud to announce that we have broken through the blockade. We have survived!”

    The company says it worked with partner companies to ensure MetaERP supports “advanced technologies, such as cloud-native architecture, metadata-driven multi-tenant architecture, and real-time intelligence.” The company plans to continue creating additional critical business systems that it has control over rather than risking being cut off from additional software it relies on.

    “Leaps in technology take a spirit of craftsmanship and years of experience,” said Sabrina Meng, Huawei’s Rotating Chairwoman and CFO. “More importantly, it takes an open mind to drive leaps in the way we think. We wouldn’t have been able to build MetaERP without the support of our partners. Innovation is only possible with an open mind, and thriving is only possible when we work together.”

    The announcement comes after Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei called for the company to focus more on software development, saying it was “outside of U.S. control and we will have greater independence and autonomy.”

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