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Mitt Romney: Will He Become The Republican Nominee? RNC Chairman Says It’s Possible
Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican Presidential nominee reiterated that he is not running for president amid speculation that he could be the Republican...
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‘House Of Cards’ Promotes Season 4 Premiere Through Fake Campaign Ad
Netflix picked the perfect spot to announce the return of its hit political drama series, House of Cards. Viewers who were tuned in to the final Repub...
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Sarah Palin’s Incompetence To Blame For GOP’s Dysfunctional Activity, Says Bill Daley
The current candidacy of billionaire celebrity Donald Trump has caused people – especially Democrats – to question the stability and “sanity” ...
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Donald Trump Is Certainly Winning the Google Search Battle
Google Trends has produced an interactive county-by-county map of the most-searched Republican Presidential candidates – and it’s monochromati...
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Donald Trump Praised by Comedian Jackie Mason for Having a Big Mouth
Donald Trump got high praise from comedian Jackie Mason recently when the veteran comic appeared on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.” Trump h...
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Eva Longoria Compares Donald Trump Comments to Hitler
If Eva Longoria is right, Donald Trump may have what it takes to be the leader of a country. The question is: which country? In a single speech, Trump...
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GOP Wishing Donald Trump Would Go Away?
The GOP is having a hard enough time as it is. The last thing they need is an opportunistic also-ran like Donald Trump distracting voters. Donald Trum...
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Miss USA Picked Back Up for TV; Trump Sues for $500 Million
The Miss USA enterprise, run by tycoon and equal opportunity offender Donald Trump, has finally found a channel to land on. After the NBC network unce...
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Ben Carson Isn’t Yet Running, May Not Win, But Can’t Lose
Gatewood Galbraith was a perennial candidate in Kentucky for years. The Lexington-based attorney is something of a folk hero in the state, especially ...
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Republicans Made Their Own Retro Platformer Starring an Elephant Named Giopi
The National Republican Senatorial Committee, the group whose only purpose is getting Republicans elected to the US Senate, has turned to nostalgic ga...
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Mitt Romney Crushes New Hampshire Poll; 2016 Bid?
If someone was to grab you on the street and ask you who you thought the leading candidate for the 2016 Republican nomination for President would be, ...
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Ann Coulter Calls Dave Brat Win a “Massive Wakeup Call” to GOP
Ann Coulter thinks Dave Brat’s recent victory over Republican incumbent Eric Cantor in last Tuesday’s primary election is a good thing for...
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Rick Perry Likens Homosexuality to Alcoholism
In his 2012 presidential bid, Texas governor Rick Perry was known for his verbal gaffes, perhaps the most famous of which coming during a debate in wh...
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Lindsey Graham Wins South Carolina Primary
In shocking news last night, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost in the Virginia primary to dark-horse Tea Party candidate and political newcomer, ...
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Joni Ernst Wins GOP Primary in Iowa for US Senate
In order to achieve a majority in the United States Senate after the next election cycle, the Republican Party must win six additional seats. Fortunat...
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Minimum Wage Hike Shut Down by GOP
The federally-mandated Minimum Wage has been at $7.25 an hour since 2009. If Senate Democrats, and President Obama, had had their way, that amount wou...
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Sarah Palin Talks Waterboarding, Baptism
Former Governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin gave a speech at the National Rifle Association’s annual con...
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Steve Israel: GOP Base Is Unfortunately “Animated by Racism”
Steve Israel, Democratic congressman of New York and chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told CNN’s “State of the...
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Google Continues To Build GOP Presence
Google is reportedly getting closer and closer with the Republican party, which may come as a surprise to some given that the company was one of the t...
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Fewer Republicans Now Accept Evolution Than Did in 2009
The U.S. has always had an interesting relationship with the science of evolution. As a foundational part of modern biology, the fact that species cha...
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