Donald Trump Is Certainly Winning the Google Search Battle

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Google Trends has produced an interactive county-by-county map of the most-searched Republican Presidential candidates – and it's monochromatic.

That dark red represents Donald Trump, who is pretty much dominating Google searches across the country – unless you head to Wisconsin, where Scott Walker receives the bulk of the attention.

After Walker, Jeb Bush wins a handful of scattered counties.

Check out Google's map:

If you look at the second-most searched candidate, there's a lot more Bush.

Donald Trump is a lot of things. Ignored is not one of them – at least at this stage in the competition. Twitter recently provided data on overall mentions on its platform over the past month, and it's not even close. Trump received 2.7 million mentions, and his closest competitor was Scott Walker with 354,000 total mentions in the time period.

Real Clear Politics' aggregate polling data has trump up 10.4 points over Jeb Bush.

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