Sarah Palin’s Incompetence To Blame For GOP’s Dysfunctional Activity, Says Bill Daley

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The current candidacy of billionaire celebrity Donald Trump has caused people – especially Democrats – to question the stability and “sanity” of the GOP. The latest individual to chime in is former Chief of Staff to President Obama, Bill Daley.

Daley wrote an article in the Opinions section of The Washington Post website, in which he stated that the chaos that is currently surrounding the GOP presidential primary was triggered by the decision of Senator John McCain to have Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate in the 2008 presidential elections.

In the article, Daley narrowed down the culprit to Palin’s “blatant lack of competence and preparedness,” which he says “needs no belaboring.” He further explains that Palin’s campaign strategy, which involved reason-deprived and flashy “never compromise” declarations gave way to Trump’s similarly-veined platform – to “make America great again.”

AlterNet’s Janet Allon points out that Palin is in rather “good” company; she isn’t the only Republican figure whose mental and intellectual abilities have been questioned.

In 2010, former Delaware senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell appeared in advertisements declaring that she is “not a witch” after a video of herself admitting to “dabbling in witchcraft” was shown on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Former Missouri Representative Todd Akin got embroiled in a huge controversy in 2012 when he coined the term “legitimate rape” in an interview about abortion. Palin got wind of Daley’s comments and took to social media to express her derision. “The Left's failed agenda is my fault? Well maybe that's a fine birthday gift for Mom today! Happy birthday, Mom!” she posted on her Facebook and Twitter pages as a caption to the Daley article.

Former Georgia congressman John Linder came out with an article of his own, reacting to Daley’s commentary, and in effect, defending Palin and the Republican Party.

His article, which was published Wednesday on The Blaze, enumerated the numerous accomplishments of the Republican Party in an effort to counter Daley’s accusations of “incompetence”.

Linder went on to criticize President Obama’s administration and made an exhaustive list of its “failures.” He ends his retaliation by suggesting that Daley should know better than to attack Palin and the Republicans.

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