Ann Coulter Calls Dave Brat Win a "Massive Wakeup Call" to GOP


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Ann Coulter thinks Dave Brat's recent victory over Republican incumbent Eric Cantor in last Tuesday's primary election is a good thing for the Republican party.

The conservative political commentator joined Megyn Kelly on Fox News Live to discuss the shocking election results.

"Amnesty loses big," Coulter told Kelly. "The idea that this will hurt the Republicans in 2016 is insane."

Coulter believes Cantor lost the primary due to one key issue: his support of amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens.

Cantor, who has served as House Majority Leader since 2011, spent significantly more on his campaign than Tea Party-backed Brat ($5 million vs. less than $150,000.)

But Brat, an economist and professor at Randolph-Macon College, played up Cantor's support of amnesty and Coulter believes that was the key to Brat's impressive victory.

"Whenever the voters know an election is about immigration, they will always vote against more immigration - especially amnesty," Coulter wrote on her website.

She insists Brat's win is a defeat for amnesty versus a victory for the Tea Party.

In general, Coulter doesn't support the Tea Party: "... the big, national tea party groups are mostly shysters and con-men raising money for their own self-aggrandizement."

But in mid-April she threw her support behind Brat:

"If you don’t think the Republican Party should speak exclusively for Wall Street, Silicon Valley and the Chamber of Commerce, then you have to support ... Dave Brat ... challenging the amnesty-addled Eric Cantor in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District."

In the short term, Coulter told Kelly, she hopes Brat's victory over Cantor will "shut down any more happy talk about amnesty this year."

In the long term, she hopes the GOP will see it as a wakeup call. In fact, she'd like them to declare a moratorium on immigration.

"I like Israel's immigration policy: instant, unapologetic, unsentimental deportation of illegal aliens."

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