'House Of Cards' Promotes Season 4 Premiere Through Fake Campaign Ad

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Netflix picked the perfect spot to announce the return of its hit political drama series, House of Cards.

Viewers who were tuned in to the final Republican Presidential Debate late last Tuesday were treated to what seemed like an ordinary campaign advertisement, until the smug face of Frank Underwood appeared in the last frame.

The ad features several political campaign clichés including pictures of hard work and progress accompanied by the usual lines found in conventional political rhetoric.

“It’s a new day in America,” says the narrator, enumerating promises that are all-too-familiar to the American voter during election season. He goes on to say that these “promises” will finally be fulfilled by Underwood, who is described as “a man who refuses to settle, putting people before politics.” Kevin Spacey, who brilliantly plays the conniving and mercurial Underwood in House of Cards, is seen feign-signing an important document, after which he faces the camera and says, “America, I’m only getting started.”

Netflix Uses the GOP Debate to Promote New Season of House of Cards

It is also revealed at the very end of the ad that season 4 of House of Cards will premiere on March 4th of next year. The fake URL FU2016.com is also a real website that “entices” visitors to join the movement of “Inequality, Dishonesty, and Entitlement.” It also enables visitors to create their own custom “FU” advocacy poster and save it as an image in one’s computer.

In the fourth season of House of Cards, viewers can expect to see how Frank Underwood handles his job as re-elected president of the United States without his wife, Claire – played by Robin Wright – who decides to leave him ithe season 3 finale.

House of Cards is based on a novel by British politician and author Michael Dobbs and adapted from a BBC mini-series of the same name. Its first season premiered in February 2013 and has received several accolades from various award-giving bodies including the Emmys, Webbys, Critics’ Choice, and People’s Choice to name a few.

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