Google Translate Adds Phrasebook To Help You Remember What You Learned

Chris CrumIT Management

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Google has introduced a new feature for Google Translate, which could go a long way in helping users remember the translations they learn from the tool. It's called Phrasebook, and lets you save useful translated phrases to refer to later.

To use it, simply click the star under the translated text in Google Translate, and it will save it to the Phrasebook feature. There is a new Phrasebook icon in the upper right-hand corner, where you can view the stuff you save.

In addition to helping you retain knowledge, the feature should make it quicker and easier to get translations you might need more frequently.

"With Google Translate, you can find the right thing to say, but you may not remember the translation at the right time," says Google in a blog post. "You might find yourself performing the same translation again and again, until you finally commit the translation to memory."

"Phrasebook for Google Translate jumpstarts this slow learning process by allowing you to save the most useful phrases to you, for easy reference later on, exactly when you need them," the company adds. "By revisiting the useful phrases in your Phrasebook from time to time, you can turn any brief translation into lasting knowledge."

Phrasebook includes controls to let you filter phrases by language pair, and lets you search for specific phrases within the feature. When you hover over the phrases, you find a clickable text-to-speech icon, so you can hear a phrase pronounced.

Chris Crum
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