Goldman Sachs to Begin Layoffs This Week

After weeks of rumors and anticipation, Goldman Sachs will begin laying off thousands of workers this week.

Goldman Sachs to Lay Off Up to 8% of Its Employees

Goldman Sachs is the latest company turning to layoffs to weather the economic downturn, reportedly looking to cut up to 8% of its staff.

Alphabet Is Blockchain’s Biggest Corporate Investor

Alphabet is the biggest corporate investor in blockchain and crypto technology among the top 100 public companies over the last ten months.

Goldman Sachs Is Pulling Out of Russia

Goldman Sachs has become the first major Wall Street bank to announce it is pulling out of Russia.

Reddit’s WallStreetBets Schools Wall Street

Wall Street may be the “experts” in the stock market, but analysts are increasingly looking to Reddit’s WallStreetBets for info.

Apple Announces $200 Million ‘Restore Fund’ to Remove Atmospheric Carbon

Apple and its partners have launched a $200 million “Restore Fund” aimed at removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Goldman Sachs Warns of Rising EV Battery Costs

Goldman Sachs is warning that electric vehicle makers will face rising battery costs, thanks to increased popularity.

Goldman Sachs Cleared in Apple Card Discrimination Investigation

New York’s Department of Financial Services has cleared Goldman Sachs, concluding it was not guilty of any violations in how it handled Apple Card applications.

Goldman Sachs: Microsoft Could Climb 38%

Goldman Sachs has added Microsoft to its “Conviction List,” touting “sustained double-digit” revenue growth.

Investors Betting On Teams Over Slack

As the battle for corporate messaging clients heats up, investors and traders are beginning to choose whom they believe will be the winner.

Google Preparing Debit Card to Compete With the Apple Card

Following the success of the Apple Card, Google is preparing its own debit card.

Amazon and Goldman Sachs May Soon Partner For Lending Services

According to Quartz, and originally reported on by the Financial Times, Amazon and Goldman Sachs may soon team up “to offer small business loans in the U.S.” Goldman Sachs has already shown itself willing to work with big tech, as…

Microsoft Quarterly Results: Azure Growing Faster Than the Market

Microsoft beat analysts expectations with its quarterly results, with particularly good news coming from the cloud front, according to Bloomberg. Overall the company reported revenue of $36.9 billion, a 14% increase over last year. Operating income was $13.9 billion, representing…

Microsoft Expected To Make Major Cloud Gains At The Expense Of—Everyone

On the heals of a survey showing Microsoft making significant inroads in the cloud industry, Morgan Stanley has even worse news for the company’s competitors, according to Business Insider. In the previous survey by Goldman Sachs—despite AWS taking in the…

Goldman Sachs: Microsoft Making Significant Inroads In Cloud Market—At Amazon and Google’s Expense

According to Business Insider, a recent Goldman Sachs poll shows Microsoft making significant inroads into the cloud market at Amazon and especially Google’s expense. Goldman Sachs polled 100 IT executives from Global 2000 companies to see what cloud platforms were…

Use Apple Card to Buy An iPhone With Zero Interest

Earlier this year, Apple unveiled the Apple Card, a credit card issued in partnership with Goldman Sachs. Today, the company took the next logical step, announcing that Apple Card can now be used to purchase an iPhone interest-free for 24…

Google Branching Into Finance, Partnering With Citi to Offer Checking Accounts

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is looking to expand into finance, with a Citi-backed checking service. Code-named “Cache,” the service is expected to roll out next year, and is just the latest in a string of efforts…

Uber Continues to Raise Tons of Money

Someone just gave Uber a bunch of money, again. Bloomberg reports that the on-demand car company has just raised $1.6 billion in convertible debt from Goldman Sachs’ wealth management clients. Bloomberg has the specifics on the deal: The bond Uber…

Square Reportedly Raises New $150M Round At $6B Valuation

There has been no official announcement so far, but according to a report from The New York Times, Square has raised a new $150 million round of funding, valuing the company at $6 billion. The report cites a person briefed…

Goldman Sachs Wants Google to Delete an Accidental Email [UPDATED]

Update: Google has reportedly complied with Goldman Sachs’ request. “Google complied with our request that it block access to the email,” said a Goldman spokeswoman“It has also notified us that the email account had not been accessed from the time…