FTC Holds Zoom Accountable For Misleading Security Claims

Zoom has agreed to a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over misleading security claims.

Antitrust Case Against Facebook May Be Next

Just days after the DOJ filed an antitrust case against Google, the FTC may be planning a similar case against Facebook.

What Not to Do: Former Uber CSO Charged For Covering Up Data Breach

The Department of Justice has announced it is charing Uber’s former Chief Security Officer (CSO) Joseph Sullivan for obstruction of justice.

TikTok Accused of Violating Child Privacy—Again

TikTok is in hot water yet again, with consumer groups accusing the social media company of violating child privacy.

Judges Orders Facebook To Hand Over Data About Possible Privacy Issues

According to The Wall Street Journal, “a Massachusetts judge has ordered Facebook to turn over data about thousands of apps that may have mishandled its users’ personal information.” In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has faced ongoing…

Brazil Fines Facebook Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Bloomberg is reporting that Brazil has levied a $1.6 million fine on Facebook for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The fine is the result of an investigation that began in April 2018, finding that Facebook illegally shared data…

AT&T Agrees to Pay $60 Million to Settle Legal Dispute Over Throttling Smartphone Plans

While every major smartphone carrier advertises unlimited plans, the reality is that all of them come with restrictions. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), AT&T has just agreed to settle a case where it misled millions of customers about…

EU Investigating if Amazon is Using Data to Unfairly Compete With Third-Party Sellers

The European Union is on the prowl again in a likely attempt to win cash and concessions from an American business giant, Amazon.

FTC Reportedly Looking At Google’s Android Business

Google is back in the eye of the Federal Trade Commission, this time for its Android business, which has also been drawing scrutiny from government regulators around the world. Regulators are investigating if Google is employing anticompetitive practices as its…

Uber: We Don’t Collect Background Location Data, But We Might at Some Point

On July 15, Uber is putting a new privacy statement into effect, and part of it is raising some eyebrows. A few paragraphs down in the new policy, under the heading “Collection of Information”, you’ll find this: Location Information: When…