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Business Guide to Facial Recognition: Applications and Issues to Consider
Confused about the ins and outs of facial recognition? Learn more from the business guide to facial recognition below....
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TSA Pushed Back At Senator’s Request to Opt Out of Facial Recognition
In a rather concerning incident, it appears the Transportation Safety Administration balked at a senator's attempt to opt out of facial recognition....
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TSA Is Expanding Facial Recognition in Airports
TSA is expanding a controversial facial recognition program in airports around the US, raising concerns among travelers and lawmakers alike....
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TSA Rolling Out Facial Recognition Checkpoint Screening
The TSA is rolling out facial recognition at checkpoints to compare travelers' faces with the photos on their IDs....
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Amazon Faces NYC Lawsuit for Not Disclosing Facial Rec Use
Amazon is facing a class-action lawsuit in New York City over not disclosing its use of facial recognition in its Go stores....
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Amazon May Deploy Facial Recognition to Confirm Seller Identity
Amazon is testing various methods to streamline seller identity verification, including facial recognition....
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Hackers Access 150,000 Security Cameras: Tesla, Hospitals and Prisons Exposed
A groups of hackers has gained access to roughly 150,000 Verkada security cameras, exposing a slew of customer live feeds....
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Illinois Facebook Users Will Receive $350 From Settlement
Illinois Facebook users will be receiving roughly $350 from the landmark privacy case against the social media giant....
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Intel Introduces RealSense ID Facial Recognition
Intel has introduced RealSense ID Facial Authentication in an effort to deliver private, secure facial recognition....
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Dell Launching Video Conferencing Monitors With Microsoft Teams Support
Dell is launching three new monitors with dedicated Microsoft Teams buttons and support for Windows facial recognition....
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DHS Tested Mask-Thwarting Facial Recognition
The Department of Homeland Security (DSH) has been testing facial recognition systems that can recognize faces with masks on....
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Portland Cracks Down on Facial Recognition
Portland has instituted a sweeping ban on facial recognition, the broadest such ban in the US....
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Legislation Would Ban Federal Law Enforcement From Using Facial Recognition
Senators Ed Markey and Jeff Merkley have introduced legislation that would ban federal law enforcement agencies from using facial recognition....
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Boston Bans Facial Recognition For Government Use
Boston has joined the growing ranks of US cities that have banned the use of facial recognition by government officials....
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Microsoft Joins IBM & Amazon, Won’t Sell Facial Recognition Tech to Police
Microsoft has become the third major tech company to announce it will not sell facial recognition technology to police....
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Amazon Follows IBM, Bans Police Use of Rekognition
Amazon has announced a one-year moratorium on police use of its facial recognition software, Rekognition....
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IBM Ends Its Facial Recognition Business
IBM CEO Arvind Krishna has written Congress to inform them the company no longer offers general purpose facial recognition and analysis software....
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ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Clearview AI
The ACLU has filed a lawsuit in Illinois against facial recognition firm Clearview AI....
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Microsoft Parts Ways With AnyVision Following Investigation
Microsoft is selling its shares in facial recognition firm AnyVision, following allegations the company’s software was being used for West Bank mass...
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Vermont Sues Clearview AI For Breaking Data Laws
Vermont Attorney General Donovan has filed a lawsuit against Clearview AI, claiming the facial recognition firm has broken multiple state laws....
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