Facebook Awarded FacebookConnect.com Domain

In 2008, Facebook announced the expansion of the Facebook platform with the launch of Facebook Connect – which allowed Facebook users to log in to websites, applications, and more using their Facebook profiles. As you can see, it’s all about…

Facebook To Target Mobile Ads Based On App Usage [REPORT]

Facebook, always looking for ways to boost revenues from advertising these days, is set to roll out a brand new product in the next couple of weeks, according to sources. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that this new ad…

MapQuest’s Going to Trust You Know How to Get Out of Your Neighborhood

Whenever you look up directions with a map service – it doesn’t matter which one you fancy, be it Google Maps, Bing Maps, MapQuest, or whatever – if you enter your address as the starting point, the directions will invariably…

Mozilla Introduces “Personas” Sign-Ins

Mozilla has introduced Personas, a project formerly called BrowserID. It is a multi-browser website authentication mechanism that is similar to Facebook Connect. The procedures set up by Personas allow users to login to websites that support their BrowserID signing and…

Blekko Adds Facebook “Likes” to Search Results

Bing announced yesterday that it is integrating more Facebook "likes" into search results, but Blekko, the new kid on the block, is now also providing such data, courtesy of Facebook Connect. 

"Now log onto Blekko through Facebook Connect and you’ll be able to see whether or not your friends have ‘Liked’ a particular search result," a Blekko representative tells WebProNews. 

Can Yahoo Pull Off a Facebook-Like Invasion of the Web?

According to sources unnamed by the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo is going to introduce something called Y Connect, which would essentially be copying Facebook, not only in name, but in concept. This would be a Facebook Connect-like product that allows third party sites to let users access their Yahoo contacts info, much like you can do with your Facebook friends on a growing number of sites on the web. 

AT&T: Buzz the “Best Way” to Get Your Business in Front of Facebook Users

Update: AT&T Announced today that Buzz.com is now available to the pubic. To read more about the service, read our exclusive interview with AT&T about the services below.