Facebook Awarded FacebookConnect.com Domain

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In 2008, Facebook announced the expansion of the Facebook platform with the launch of Facebook Connect - which allowed Facebook users to log in to websites, applications, and more using their Facebook profiles. As you can see, it's all about Facebook, Facebook, Facebook - which is exactly what Connect did to the internet. It made logging in through your FB account the norm around the web. Just think to yourself - how many times have you been asked to log in via Facebook to access an app, or to post a comment? The answer is undoubtedly "a lot."

Although the term "Facebook Connect" has been replaced (for the most part) with "social plugins" and "Open Graph," it was apparently still important for Facebook to own a domain name that referenced Facebook Connect.

Facebook is now the proud owners of FacebookConnect.com, after winning a decision from the National Arbitration Forum.

The decision seems like an easy one for the board to make, as "Complainant has trade trademark rights in the FACEBOOK mark. Complainant acquired such rights prior to Respondent’s registration of the at‑issue domain name. Respondent is not affiliated with Complainant and had not been authorized to use the FACEBOOK mark in any capacity. Respondent had actual knowledge of Complainant and its rights in the FACEBOOK mark prior to registering the at‑issue domain name," according to the ruling.

"Respondent registered and uses the at-issue domain names in bad faith," said Panelist Paul M. DeCicco.

It's not clear that the company plans to do anything with the domain - it may have just been an exercise in taking back what's theirs for the sake of taking it back.

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