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Tag: European Union

Meta Fined Another $414 Million Over Online Ads
The European Union has once again fined Meta, this time to the tune of $414 million, over forcing ads on individuals....
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Apple Could Be Forced to Tear Down Its Walled Garden
The European Union (EU) has passed legislation that could be the single biggest threat to Apple's walled garden....
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US Senators are looking to take a page from the EU, pushing for a plan that would force manufacturers to standardize on a common charger....
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EU May Ban Cloud Providers From Providing Services in Russia
The European Union (EU) is stepping up sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, floating the possibility of prohibiting cloud providers from ...
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EU Standardizes On USB-C For Device Charging, Apple Most Impacted
The European Union (EU) has passed legislation that will require device manufacturers to standardize on USB-C charging cables by autumn 2024....
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Google Has Deals With 300 News Publishers in the EU
Google currently has deals with some 300 news publishers in the EU, with the company working to make it easier for other publishers to sign up....
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EU Proposes Most Privacy-Invasive Measure Yet to Tackle Child Abuse
The European Union (EU) has proposed a new set of rules to tackle child abuse, rules that are being criticized as the most invasive "ever deployed out...
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Experts Warn the EU’s DMA Will Break Encryption
Another day, another attack on encryption, with security experts warning the EU's DMA legislation will likely break, or severely weaken, encryption....
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EU Prepares to Crack Down on Big Tech, Unveils Sweeping Measures
The European Union has unveiled sweeping measures to crack down on Big Tech and increase competition across the industry....
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France the Latest Country to Crack Down on Google Analytics
France is the latest country to crack down on Google Analytics, over concerns it violates the GDPR the EU's privacy legislation....
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Meta Walks Back Comments About Leaving EU Market
Meta is walking back comments about the possibility of leaving the EU market over data regulations, saying "we have absolutely no desire to withdraw f...
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Biden Administration Working on Vaccination Passport Standards
The Biden administration is working on standards to help establish a vaccination passport, another step toward a return to normal....
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EU Moving Forward to Unify Phone Chargers Over Apple’s Objections
The European Union (EU) “lawmakers voted 582-40 in favor of a resolution to spur action by the Commission on a single charging solution for smartpho...
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EU May Force Apple To Ditch The Lightning Connector
Anyone who has an entire box or drawer of discarded phone charging cables knows the frustration of multiple types of chargers and connectors. Evidentl...
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AdSense Gets New User Consent Policy
Google announced the implementation of a new user consent policy for AdSense as the result of demands from the European Union. The policy makes publis...
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Angela Merkel Regrets Rise of Populism in EU
On Sunday, 21 of the 28 member-states of the European Union held votes for seats in the European Parliament, a vote which occurs every five years. The...
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Crimea: Ukraine Withdraws Amid Sanctions
Thousands of Ukrainian troops are preparing to withdraw from Crimea, as Western leaders begin sanctions against Russia for attempting to annex the reg...
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Europe Parmesan Requesting a Name Change
Europe called and it wants its Parmesan Cheese back. If the European Union has its way, the names of European cheeses like Brie, Feta, Fontina, Muenst...
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Ukraine: European Union To Offer Billions In Aid
Ukraine has been in economic trouble for some time, and it’s only getting worse. Frustration over the country’s money troubles was what li...
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Angela Merkel Discusses EU Reform with David Cameron
German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a much-anticipated visit to London on Thursday. The visit included a meeting with British Prime Minister and Cons...
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