Trump Wants Court to Force Twitter to Reinstate His Account

Former president Donald Trump is turning to the court system in a long-shot bid to regain access to his Twitter account.

Facebook Oversight Board Upholds Trump Ban

Facebook’s Oversight Board has decided Donald Trump’s fate, upholding the ban imposed after the January 6 insurrection.

Section 230’s Future Is Shaky…Even With a Biden/Harris Administration

The controversial Section 230, protecting social media companies, may be under threat even with the incoming Biden/Harris administration.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Will Resign in January

Ajit Pai, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has announced he will step down on January 20.

DOJ Proposal Limits Immunity For Search and Social

If certain thresholds aren’t met they would then be subject to losing their immunity from lawsuits for user content that was granted to them as part of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996.

Trump Blasts Amazon Yet Again, Says eCommerce Giant Uses USPS as Its ‘Delivery Boy’

President Donald Trump once again attacked Amazon and the Washington Post in some of his recent tweets. In his latest Twitter rant against the company, the President railed that the Washington Post “has gone crazy against me” since Amazon lost…

Twitter Gets Rid of 70 Million Fake Accounts in May and June, Cracks Down on Trolls

Twitter has been aggressively suspending false accounts in a bid to curtail the spread of fake news. The company’s massive crackdown on trolls and bots have resulted in one million dubious accounts being deleted or suspended per day. According to…

Donald Trump Attacks Amazon on Twitter for Not Paying Enough Taxes

Donald Trump once again used social media to attack Amazon. This time, Trump accused the online retailer of being a threat to small businesses as well as “paying little or no taxes.” By now, everyone is probably aware that Trump…

How Will Trump’s NAFTA Proposal Impact eCommerce?

With the renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) almost at hand, various groups within the three members of the trading block– Canada, Mexico, and the United States– are already busy lobbying their diverging positions on anticipated issues…

President Trump Touts U.S. Economic Growth at Meeting With Small Business Owners

President Donald Trump hosted a White House event last Tuesday where he revealed a rosy future for American businesses and the nation’s economy in general. Attended by 100 small business owners from all over the country, the President praised those…