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Tag: Doctor Who

Jenna Coleman Was Surprised to Learn Clara Oswald’s Fate On “Doctor Who”
Jenna Coleman admits she was surprised to learn the fate of her character Clara Oswald, as she departed Doctor Who on Saturday night. In the episode t...
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Clara Oswald: Jenna Coleman’s Character Exits “Doctor Who”
Clara Oswald cheated death more than once, but on Saturday night, the Doctor Who assistant played by Jenna Coleman exited the show. Twitter lit up bef...
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Emilia Clarke Headed to Silver Screen Sooner Than Expected in “Me Before You”
Emilia Clarke, best known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s Game of Thrones, is headed to the silver screen sooner than expected in a ...
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Jenna Coleman Confirms She’s Left ‘Doctor Who,’ Signs on to Portray Queen Victoria
Jenna Coleman confirmed to BBC Radio on Friday that he has, in fact, left her Doctor Who role behind, following rumors from earlier in the week that s...
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Netflix May Lose a Bunch of BBC Shows at the End of the Month
As the days tick down to the end of January, be on the lookout for news of a deal extension between Netflix and the BBC. If not, many of your favorite...
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Jenna Coleman Confirms She’s Staying on ‘Doctor Who
Jenna Coleman has no doubt given Doctor Who fans the best holiday gift of all. She confirmed just days ago that she planned to stay on through season ...
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Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi Appears At BBC Showcase
This past Christmas, we got a glimpse into the character of Peter Capaldi, the emerging 12th Doctor, during the 2013 Christmas Special. From that poin...
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Doctor Who: LEGO CUUSOO Lifts Ban, Whovians Unite
Since 1949, LEGO has provided entertainment for both the young and old alike all over the world with their colorful interlocking plastic bricks, gears...
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Peter Capaldi’s New Doctor Who Outfit Revealed On Facebook
During the ending of the most recent Doctor Who Christmas Special “The Time of the Doctor,” fellow Whovians bid goodbye to Matt Smith, the...
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Doctor Who “Time Of The Doctor” Deleted Scene
This year’s Christmas means time with family and friends to share in the joy of Christ’s birth. For Doctor Who fans, this year’s Chr...
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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Is Cause for Celebration
Doctor Who has crossed a unique milestone. The show is based around a human-lookalike alien (apart from the two hearts and ridiculously long lifespan)...
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Doctor Who Google Doodle Celebrates 50th Anniversary
Today (Saturday, November 23rd, 2013) marks the 50th anniversary of the long-time-running British science fiction series Doctor Who. This day also mar...
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Doctor Who Celebrates 50th Anniversary In Big Way
Mm? What’s that, my boy?- Did I hear you say that Doctor Who celebrates its 50th anniversary via one of the largest simulcasts in TV history tod...
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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Tribute Released By BBC
This past week, Doctor Who fans were given another teaser for the upcoming 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor,” airing on Nov...
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Hulu Steps Up Its Game With BBC Programs
If one has been on the internet for any amount of time, particularly in such fandom-dominated spaces as Tumblr, one has certainly encountered the wide...
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“Doctor Who” Reveals Twelfth Doctor
Whovians needn’t wait any longer to find out who Matt Smith’s Doctor will regenerate into – Peter Capaldi will be the new Time Lord ...
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Matt Smith to Leave Doctor Who This Year
The BBC announced this weekend that Matt Smith, the 11th actor to portray the Doctor in the long-running Doctor Who series, will be leaving the show a...
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Doctor Who/Doc Brown Rap Battle Is EPIC
Doctor Who has been around seemingly forever, but the British show has found a recent surge in popularity among a new generation of fans. With fandom ...
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Mary Tamm, Doctor Who’s “Romana”, Dies at 62
If you are familiar with the old/classic Doctor Who series with Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor), I am pretty sure you will remember Mary Tamm, the actress w...
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Hacked Road Sign Warns Of Dalek Invasion
You may remember a few years ago when pranksters hacked one of those big electronic road signs in Texas and changed it to read “ZOMBIES AHEAD.&#...
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