Clara Oswald: Jenna Coleman's Character Exits "Doctor Who"

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Clara Oswald cheated death more than once, but on Saturday night, the Doctor Who assistant played by Jenna Coleman exited the show.

Twitter lit up before and after the departure, with a wide range of emotions from diehard Doctor Who fans.

Some fans shared multiple thoughts on the social media site.

Then there was this:

One Doctor Who fan chose "Goodbye Clara" as her Twitter handle.

Some Clara Oswald fans begged to be killed so Clara Oswald could be spared. Really? This is a TV show--right?

A review of Saturday night's episode reads, "And in light of that, you could argue that Clara's death ultimately wasn't about Clara at all, but rather about the Doctor and his reaction to it."

What's your take on that notion?

Are you a diehard Doctor Who fan? Was it time for Jenna Coleman's Clara Oswald to go or are you among those whose heart broke last night as she died? Did you long to catch a glimpse of London street and change the course chartered by Doctor Who writers?

The show's cult following will no doubt continue to light up Twitter in the day or two to come, with fans bidding adieux to Clara Oswald and rejoicing with cries of, "Finally."

Kimberly Ripley
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