Amazon SageMaker Canvas: A No-Code Machine Learning Service

Amazon has released SageMaker Canvas, the company’s no-code machine learning service.

27% of C-Level Execs Know Nothing About Low-Code

Low-code may be one of the fastest growing trends in development, but over a quarter of C-level execs haven’t heard of it.

Prosus Buying Stack Overflow for $1.8 Billion

Prosus has announced it is buying Stack Overflow for $1.8 billion, as it increases its focus on the online learning market.

Microsoft Integrates GPT-3 Into Power Apps Low Code Development

Microsoft is integrating GPT-3 — a natural language model developed by OpenAI — with its low-code development tools.

Microsoft Build Developer Conference Scheduled May 25 – 27

Microsoft’s Build conference, aimed at developers, has been confirmed for May 25 – 27, 2021.

Visual Studio Code Updated With M1 Support

Microsoft has updated Visual Studio Code, adding support for Apple’s new Macs running on its M1 custom silicon.

GitHub Now Available to Developers in Iran

GitHub has been granted a license to operate in Iran, giving Iranian developers access to a valuable resource.

Apple App Store Creates 300,000 Jobs During Pandemic

Apple has released figures about the iOS App Store and revealed it has created 300,000 new jobs since the coronavirus pandemic began.

AWS Unveils Low-Code Honeycode Development Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released a beta of Honeycode, a low-code development service for cloud computing.

Core GitHub Features Free For Everyone

GitHub has announced that its core features, including private repositories with unlimited collaborators, are now free for all users.

Google Shutting Down App Maker

Google has announced it is shutting down App Maker, its low-code development environment. App Maker was unveiled in 2016 and provided a way for IT departments, developers and enthusiasts to create apps to improve G Suite workflows. App Maker users…

Google Acquires AppSheet, Leading No-Code Development Platform

Google has announced its acquisition of “AppSheet, a leading no-code application development platform used by a number of enterprises across a variety of industries.” Custom applications are an excellent way for businesses to meet their needs and adapt to an…

Apple Will Enforce macOS App Notarization Starting February 2020

According to a post on Apple’s developer site, the company will start enforcing notarization prerequisites in February 2020. Apple previously announced that “Mac software distributed outside the Mac App Store must be notarized by Apple in order to run on…

Lowe’s Goes the DIY Route For Software Development

Lowe’s slogan is “do it right for less.” While that primarily applies to home repair and improvement, the company is also applying it to the world of software development. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Lowe’s is…

iOS 13’s Privacy Changes Have Big Repercussions For Businesses

On September 10, Apple held their “By Invitation Only” event, unveiling new iPhones, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+ and iOS 13. While many of the event’s announcements were aimed squarely at the consumer market, there were a number of things surrounding…

Bing Code Search Comes To Visual Studio

When writing code in Visual Studio, you may find that you have to pull code samples from StackOverflow or MSDN. You would normally just have to copy and paste the code over and then make some modifications so it fits…

Sony is Offering PS4 Dev Kits to Universities

Sony devoted significant portions of both its February PlayStation 4 announcement and its big E3 conference to its embrace of game developers, including indie game developers of all sizes. These announcements have built good will for Sony with both developers…

AOL Reader Revealed, Officially Launches in Beta

After teasing the service last Friday, AOL has begun to give beta access to some users for their new RSS Reader, appropriately titled AOL Reader. Upon first look, it’s a basic, perfectly functional RSS reader that doesn’t bring a whole…

AOL Reader Spotted in the Wild, Currently in Private Beta

It looks like AOL is getting ready to throw their hat in the who-wants-to-replace-Google-reader ring. The Next Web discovered – a barebones site that features just one message: “AOL Reader: All your favorite websites, in once place.” It says…

Google Reader Is Shutting Down July 1st

One of the most popular feed readers around is shutting down this year – due to declining usage. Google Reader, the platform Google first launched in 2005, is simply one of the many Google services on the chopping block this…