Spotify Bucks Pressure, Won’t Pull Out of Russia

In what is sure to be (another) unpopular move, Spotify has said it will not pull out of Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

David Crosby Calls Spotify ‘Scummy People’ As Music Pulled

Spotify’s troubles continue to mount with music legend David Crosby calling the people who work there “scummy people.”

David Crosby’s ‘Awful’ Behavior Disrupts CSNY, Graham Nash Leaves Band

After many years of being in CSNY, Graham Nash is splitting with the group due to a feud with bandmate David Crosby. Nash is complaining about Crosby’s “awful” behavior and rude emails. “I don’t like David Crosby right now. He’s…

David Crosby Talks Joni Mitchell’s Aneurysm, Disses Kanye West

David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young fame has long been a close friend of Joni Mitchell’s. Crosby recently confirmed that the ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ singer did, in fact, suffer an aneurysm when she was mysteriously hospitalized back in…