David Crosby Talks Joni Mitchell's Aneurysm, Disses Kanye West

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David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young fame has long been a close friend of Joni Mitchell's. Crosby recently confirmed that the 'Big Yellow Taxi' singer did, in fact, suffer an aneurysm when she was mysteriously hospitalized back in March. Earlier reports said she suffered from Morgellons Disease. There had been some speculation that she had an aneurysm, too, but Crosby is the first to confirm it. He also said she is unable to speak as a result.

“I have not spoken with her. To my knowledge she is not speaking yet. She is home, she is in care, she is recovering,” he said. “She took a terrible hit. She had an aneurysm, and nobody found her for a while. And she’s going to have to struggle back from it the way you struggle back from a traumatic brain injury.”

David Crosby and Joni Mitchell first became friends back in the 1960s, when folk music was all the rage. Mitchell also dated David Crosby's former bandmate, Graham Nash.

“She’s a tough girl and very smart. So, how much she’s going to come back and when, I don’t know and I’m not going to guess,” David Crosby said of Joni Mitchell. “I love her…She’s probably the best of us--probably the greatest living singer-songwriter.”

In addition to talking to the Hollywood Reporter about Joni Mitchell, David Crosby also expressed his feelings about Kanye West. He wasn't nearly as kind, however. He was asked about a tweet he posted several months ago, in which he called Kim Kardashian's husband "an idiot and a poser."

"Yes, I said that!" he said. "It all stands on what you produce, what you actually put down. Kanye West can't write, sing, or play. So I have trouble with him as anything but a poser. Produce? That means he sits in a chair while the engineer does the work. He's a poser! And I'm not backing off it."

There's something about those hippies from the 1960s. They're outspoken, but typically very down-to-earth. And they don't like bullsh*t.

Kudos to David Crosby for keeping fans apprised of Joni Mitchell's condition, and for speaking his mind about Kanye West.

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