Problem Solving is ‘Full of Massive Innovation,’ Says Label Insight Co-founder

Label Insight says that it is powering transparency at the intersection of retailers, brands, and consumers with an industry-leading platform for CPG product attribute data. Their data and analytics essentially allow those brands and retailers to increase sales by empowering the consumer to make better-educated decisions.

How Lime Monitors Data From 26,000,000 Trips in Real-Time

Lime monitors data from their scooters and bikes in real-time in order to ensure that all bikes are charged and available to riders. In fact, in 2018 Lime monitored 26 million scooter and bike trips worldwide according to their year-end report.

SAP CEO: It’s All About the Customer Experience

SAP CEO Bill McDermott, in a wide-ranging interview with Bloomberg talked about enterprises moving to the cloud, competing with Oracle’s new autonomous database, competing with Salesforce, and its huge business in China.

How to Use Data to Become Incredibly Customer Centric

Steve Stone, former CIO of L Brands and Lowes, recently discussed how retailers can use data to serve their customers better and become incredibly customer centric.

Data is the Foundation of Innovation

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told his Keynote audience at CES that data has now become the foundation of innovation. Data started as a static tool used by companies to see trends and process information, but it has now reached the…

What Marketers Can Expect From LinkedIn in 2017

With the backing of Microsoft, LinkedIn has big plans to increase its effectiveness for marketers in 2017. Russ Glass, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ Head of Products, was interviewed by LinkedIn Account Executive at Vivek Venugopal: Venugopal: What about LinkedIn has kept…

How to Use In-Store Behavioral Data to Increase Sales

We all know that online shopping behavior is tracked in order to increase sales, but what about the behavior of brick and mortar shoppers? The Global Director of Marketing for IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT), Scott Neuman, points out…

Google Says Its “Mission Impossible” Cloud Platform is the Most Secure

Neal Mueller, Security and Networking lead for Google Cloud, recently was interviewed about security and other important aspects of using the Google Cloud Platform to host websites, online retailers and other data intensive applications. Should I move our online applications…

Data is Marketing Gold

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” said marketing pioneer John Wanamaker in the early 1900’s. That is why CRM software was invented and why it is used by every…

Dropbox Announces Custom-Built Infrastructure

Dropbox just unveiled its own custom-built infrastructure, where the company stores and serves their users’ data. “With more than half a billion users and over 500 petabytes of data (over 60 times the data stored in the Library of Congress),…