What is important to know about the ELT and ETL processes?

What are the most important things to know when it comes to ELT and ETL processes? Learn more in the article below.

Protecting Data Is Nonnegotiable Today – Do You Have The Skills To Do It?

Protecting data Is nonnegotiable today – do you have the skills to do It? Find out more in the article below.

How Can You Protect Your Business Information?

In today’s online world, it is essential to protect your business information, but how? Learn some tips in the article below.

China Cracking Down on Exporting Customer Data Internationally

China is cracking down on exporting customer data internationally, requiring that companies get the government’s permission first.

Move Over Data: Tesla Looking to Create Humanoid Robot

Tesla is looking to create a humanoid robot that is sure to draw comparisons to Star Trek’s beloved android Data.

Invisibly Launches Platform to Help People Control and Monetize Their Data

Invisibly is looking to disrupt the advertising industry, launching a platform that puts people in control of their data.

Microsoft Will Keep EU Data in the EU

Microsoft has upped its commitment to EU data privacy, promising to keep EU data within the bloc.

Android Phones Home 20x More Than iOS

A computer researcher at Trinity College Dublin has released a report showing Android phones home to Google 20x more than iOS does to Apple.

Snowflake CEO: Once You Get To The Cloud The Lid Is Off

Once you get to the cloud all of a sudden the lid is off says Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman. People can just pursue their backlogs and whatever they can imagine.

Sweden’s Largest Insurer Leaked Private Data to Tech Firms

Sweden’s largest insurer, Folksam, has admitted to accidentally leaking the private data of one million of its customers to tech firms.

How Is Data Fight The Spread Of COVID-19?

How is data being used to save lives during COVID-19?

Verizon Gives Extra 15GB High-Speed Data to Customers

Verizon has announced several measures to assist individuals impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, including providing customers an additional 15GB of data.

Brexit Means No GDPR Protection: Google May Move UK User Data

Brexit may have finally happened, but one side effect people may not have anticipated is losing GDPR protection as Google may be moving UK data out of the EU.

Google and Facebook Face Tougher Rules in the UK Over Ad Dominance

According to Reuters, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) delivered a mixed bag of news for Google and Facebook. On the one hand, the CMA indicated a reluctance to subject the two tech companies to more in-depth investigations, saying…

Chrome For Android Update Fixes Data Wiping Bug

Last week reports started surfacing of what appeared to be a data wiping bug in version 79 of Google Chrome for Android. Following a fix, Google has resumed the rollout. The issue had to do with Chrome acting as WebView…

DOJ Planning to Review Google-Fitbit Deal Over Privacy Concerns

According to the New York Post, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is planning to review the Google-Fitbit deal over concerns about consumer privacy. We reported last month that Google had agreed to acquire Fitbit for $2.1 billion. As part of…

TikTok Accused of Illegally Collecting Data and Uploading It to China

A California student has filed a class-action lawsuit against TikTock, the wildly popular social media app from China. According to a report in the Daily Beast, the suit alleges that TikTok uploads data without user consent—in some cases without a…

Twitter Making Changes Globally to Comply With Privacy Laws

Reuters is reporting that Twitter is making changes throughout its platform in an effort to comply with privacy legislation around the world. The company is aiming to navigate the different laws and jurisdictions impacting how it collects and uses data.…

It Is a Multi-Cloud World, Says VMWare COO

“VMWare allows the datacenter to act like a public cloud,” says VMWare COO Sanjay Poonen. “It is a multicloud world. While AWS will be first and preferred for us, we want every customer that has VMWare in the private cloud…

KT Links 5G Network and Satellite, Transferring Data Between Them

ZDNet is reporting that KT, South Korea’s largest telephone company, has announced the successful transfer of data between their 5G network and a satellite 36,000 kilometers away. The news has huge implications for wireless carriers around the world, as many…