DOJ Planning to Review Google-Fitbit Deal Over Privacy Concerns

According to the New York Post, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is planning to review the Google-Fitbit deal over concerns about consumer privacy. We reported last month that Google had agreed to acquire Fitbit for $2.1 billion. As part of…

TikTok Accused of Illegally Collecting Data and Uploading It to China

A California student has filed a class-action lawsuit against TikTock, the wildly popular social media app from China. According to a report in the Daily Beast, the suit alleges that TikTok uploads data without user consent—in some cases without a…

Twitter Making Changes Globally to Comply With Privacy Laws

Reuters is reporting that Twitter is making changes throughout its platform in an effort to comply with privacy legislation around the world. The company is aiming to navigate the different laws and jurisdictions impacting how it collects and uses data.…

It Is a Multi-Cloud World, Says VMWare COO

“VMWare allows the datacenter to act like a public cloud,” says VMWare COO Sanjay Poonen. “It is a multicloud world. While AWS will be first and preferred for us, we want every customer that has VMWare in the private cloud…

KT Links 5G Network and Satellite, Transferring Data Between Them

ZDNet is reporting that KT, South Korea’s largest telephone company, has announced the successful transfer of data between their 5G network and a satellite 36,000 kilometers away. The news has huge implications for wireless carriers around the world, as many…

DataWallet Puts You In Charge of Your Data, Says CEO

DataWallet is basically a digital wallet that holds all of your personal data, says DataWallet CEO Serafin Lion Engel. If Twitter was to give you a DataWallet you would see exactly all of the data that you create on Twitter. At the end of the day what DataWallet does is put you in control of your data.

AI Is Really Going To Change Everything

“We think that AI is really going to change everything,” says BeyondMinds co-founder Or Kramer. “We consider it the fourth revolution. It feels like AI is a huge buzzword right now and everything is AI and actually, it’s true. Every week there’s a new like state-of-the-art article that is being published and it’s changing completely how we do things.”

We Built the Data Platform For AI To Enable Safe Self-Driving Cars, Says Scale AI CEO

“What we’ve done at Scale is built the data platform for AI,” says Scale AI’s 22-year-old CEO, Alexandr Wang. “AI is really built on top of data and these algorithms require billions and billions of examples of labeled data to be able to perform in a safe or reliable way. Then they use the data to build their self-driving cars.”

Expedia Pricing Tactics Powered By AI and Reams of Data, Says CEO

“We sit on reams of data with 750 million visits to Expedia Group properties every single month,” says Expedia CEO Mark Okerstrom. “We’re using AI to help inform some of our lodging partners with pricing tactics, to help them price more effectively both in the alternative accommodation space and in the traditional lodging space.”

Without Data, There is No Great AI, Says Informatica Exec

“Without data, there’s no great AI, says Amit Walia, President, Products & Marketing at Informatica. “Now that AI is really becoming pervasive and at scale, you really need to give it relevant good contextual data. We see that happening a lot in the world of enterprise. AI is a part of everything that we do in data.”