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Tag: collector’s edition

‘Wolfenstein’ Collector’s Edition Won’t Include the Game
Along with review controversies and DLC season passes, the one thing nearly every new triple-A video game title now has to have is some sort of collec...
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‘Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition’ Out Tomorrow, Teaser Video Released
One month ago, Bethesda announced Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition, a new version of last year’s Dishonored. The game was a critical success...
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‘Dark Souls II’ Gets New Trailer, European Collector Edition
After the bungled announcement of the Dark Souls II beta for PlayStation 3, North American Souls fans could be forgiven for believing developer From S...
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Call of Duty: Ghosts Collector Editions Revealed
Yesterday, Activision and Infinity Ward finally gave fans of the Call of Duty franchise what they’ve been waiting for – a look at the mult...
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Saints Row IV Gets a $1 Million Collector’s Edition
Back in July, Deep Silver announced a fairly silly collector’s edition for the upcoming Saints Row IV. The “Emperor Zinyak’s Game of...
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Saints Row IV Gets ‘Game of the Generation’ Edition, New ‘Hail to the Chief’ Trailer
It’s pretty clear that Saints Row IV is going to be ridiculous. The previous game in the series provided plenty of juvenile humor and violence, ...
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Watch Dogs Collector’s Edition Announced, Priced
Ubisoft today announced a “Limited Edtion” bundle for its upcoming title Watch Dogs. The pack will be available for $130 for PlayStation 4...
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Killer is Dead Collector’s Editions Announced
There are only two more months before Suda51 fans can get their hands on the developer’s next crazy game, and publisher Deep Silver today announ...
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Grand Theft Auto V Gets A $150 Collector’s Edition, Comes With A Hat
Rockstar Games announced today that Grand Theft Auto V will be joining an increasing number of AAA blockbuster titles that will get two separate colle...
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Bloody Torso Statues Arrive For Dead Island Riptide Pre-orderers
Back in January, Deep Silver, the publisher of the Dead Island games, announced the “Zombie Bait” special edition of their upcoming Dead I...
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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Collector’s Edition Comes With an RC Airplane
Ubisoft disappointed Splinter Cell fans earlier this month by announcing the release of Splinter Cell Blacklist has been delayed until August 20. It w...
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Apology Issued For Bloody Torso Statue
Yesterday Deep Silver announced the “Zombie Bait” collectors edition of its upcoming Dead Island Riptide. In keeping with the zombie apoca...
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Resident Evil 6 Gets Two Collections For PS3 And Xbox 360
Capcom’s biggest hit this year is obviously going to be Resident Evil 6. The franchise has brought in more and more fans over the years as it ha...
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Assassin’s Creed III Ubiworkship Edition On Sale
Ubisoft has announced a special edition of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed III that it is calling the “Ubiworkshop Edition.” From the ...
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Aliens: Colonial Marines Gets Amazing Collector’s Edition
Gearbox has nailed what makes a Collector’s Edition truly collectable. The two versions of the Collector’s Edition for Borderlands 2 are p...
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Guild Wars 2 Gets Impressive Collector’s Edition
Are you looking forward to Guild Wars 2? If so, you might want to check out this collector’s edition. Guild Wars 2 won’t be launching for ...
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