Bloody Torso Statues Arrive For Dead Island Riptide Pre-orderers

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Back in January, Deep Silver, the publisher of the Dead Island games, announced the "Zombie Bait" special edition of their upcoming Dead Island Riptide. As many collector's editions do, the "Zombie Bait" package includes a statue. This statue however, was a de-limbed, decapitated female torso. It was, quite literally, just a pair of bloody breasts covered by a small bikini.

The publisher later issued an apology for the statue. The carefully worded response did not state that the statues would be pulled from pre-orders, but did make it clear that they would never show up in the U.S.

The complaints surrounding the statue subsided within days, and now Dead Island Riptide's launch day is finally here. Along with mediocre reviews, the game has arrived with the statue still a part of the collector's edition.

Video blogger AussieGamerChick received her "Zombie Bait" edition of the game today and showed it off in an unboxing video on YouTube. No doubt speaking for many horror fans, she states that the statue is the reason she pre-ordered the game.

AussieGamerChick had defended Deep Silver and the statue back in January when complaints began:

And here's the launch trailer for the game, for good measure:

(via Kotaku)

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