Killer is Dead Collector's Editions Announced


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There are only two more months before Suda51 fans can get their hands on the developer's next crazy game, and publisher Deep Silver today announced there will be two separate collector's editions of Killer is Dead available in Europe and Australia.

The Limited Edition of Killer is Dead comes with some DLC called the "Smooth Operator Pack." The content includes an additional mission for the game (called "The Man Who Stole Blood"); the "Gigolo Glasses" item, which grants X-Ray vision (allowing players to "reap extra enjoyment from the beauties in Gigolo Mode"); a "mysterious beauty named Betty" for Gigolo Mode; and an unannounced item "perfect for summer." The Limited Edition sells for £50.

The Fan Edition sells for £55 and comes with the physical goodies. In addition to the "Smooth Operator Pack" DLC, the Fan Edition comes with a poster, an art book, a soundtrack, a papercraft "diorama," and some nicer packaging.


Also, an English version of the new trailer from a few days ago has been released. Comprehending the dialogue doesn't particularly help the video to make any more sense: