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Tag: Christmas

Instagram Beginning To Look A Lot Like Snapchat
Instagram announced today the ability to add stickers to your posts, just like Snapchat. The stickers will be both for the consumer like Snapchat, but...
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Best Christmas Sales Ever for Amazon and Its Own Devices Lead the Way
Amazon had a record Christmas and its own Alexa devices, Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, Fire tablet and Amazon Echo, lead the way. Sales were up over last y...
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Joey And Rory Feek Make It To Christmas, Looking Forward To New Year Together
This year has been tough for Joey and Rory Feek, but the duo had a wonderful Christmas together with other family members. Rory took to the couple’s...
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Last-Minute Gifts You Can Buy on Christmas Day
Last-minute gifts are easier than you think–even on Christmas Day. If you’ve forgotten your Great Aunt Ethel or your cousin Harry calls to...
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Here’s What’s About to Hit Netflix (Including Jon Hamm In the Black Mirror Christmas Episode)
As you know, content comes and goes on Netflix. Each week, we’re bringing you a list of titles that you’ll be able to stream in the U.S. in the co...
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PayPal Ad Ruined Christmas, Say Pissed Off Parents
The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority could launch an investigation into a PayPal ad that many parents say spoils the Santa secret. The ad, w...
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Joel Osteen Urges Gratitude, Not Just on Christmas
Joel Osteen, senior pastor of the Lakewood mega-church in Houston, Texas, urges people to express gratitude each and every day of their lives–an...
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Netflix Plugs BoJack Horseman Christmas Special
Now is the time of year when many of us are taking in as many holiday specials of our favorite television shows as possible until the big day gets her...
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Amazon Extends Free Shipping Deadline for XMas Delivery
If you’re a procrastinating holiday shopper (and most of us are), you’ll be happy to know that Amazon has extended its deadline for free s...
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Saving Christmas Movie Is Rated Worst Film Of All Time On IMDB
Saving Christmas, otherwise known as Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, is the latest evangelical film that attempts to frame Christmas as being u...
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Job Listings: Seasonal Workers In Demand
Are you on the lookout for job listings? There are certainly plenty of job listings, but many of those jobs are for positions that many of us don̵...
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Last-Minute Travel Deals Are Easy To Come By
Do you have family suddenly demanding that you visit for Christmas? Worry not, an impromptu trip doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, they&#...
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Christmas Lights Set To Music: Enjoy These 7 Epic Light Shows
Ah, Christmas lights! How wonderful is it to ride by homes lit up in red, blue, green, or any other array of flashing lights? But some souls aren̵...
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Holiday Decorations: The Coolest And The Craziest Christmas Decorations
Even if people skip on holiday decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving, it’s usually a sure bet that an effort will be made for Christmas. But so...
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John Stamos’ Elvis Presley Obsession Lights Up Christmas
John Stamos is a megafan of Elvis Presley. I know, your uncle has a jumpsuit and an old cologne decanter shaped like Elvis. He has a black velvet pain...
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Leann Rimes Releases Christmas-Themed Pics
Country singer Leann Rimes is looking to be a big part of the holiday season this year. The star has a new Christmas album out and will be spreading h...
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Target Black Friday 2014: Maybe the Cheapest HDTV Deal Around
Black Friday 2014 will see one of the best deals on an HDTV. It can be found at Target … but not in the store. Target is offering a Black Friday...
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Kristen Bell Sings A New Christmas Hit
Kristen Bell is no stranger to catchy songs; she is, after all, the voice of Anna in Frozen, the film with the catchiest songs ever performed in any m...
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Kristen Bell Releases Funny Christmas Music Video
Kristen Bell is already in the holiday spirit and is putting her vocal cords to work. If you will remember, last year Bell lent her voice to the hit a...
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Kirk Cameron, You’re No Clark W. Griswold
It isn’t enough that Kirk Cameron tried to steal Halloween from pagans, now he wants to steal Christmas too. Cameron tried to rewrite well-known his...
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