Last-Minute Gifts You Can Buy on Christmas Day

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Last-minute gifts are easier than you think--even on Christmas Day. If you've forgotten your Great Aunt Ethel or your cousin Harry calls to say he's coming with a new wife in tow, rest assured you can still have a gift wrapped and ready when they walk through the door.

One of the easiest last-minute gifts is a gift card/certificate you buy online and print. is perfect, since they sell everything from books to blankets and everything in between.

If you're among those who refuse to shop on plastic, head over to your local convenience store for a last-minute gift, and pick up a few scratch tickets from your state's lottery. Who wouldn't love to win big on Christmas? Maybe they'll even split it with you if they do.

If you're thinking Great Aunt Ethel would rather scale a wall than gamble, don't lose hope. You can still find her the perfect gift at the convenience store. Pick up the latest issue of her favorite magazine. Wrap it up with a note that says you've purchased a year's subscription. Don't forget to actually purchase the year's subscription.

Forgot to buy for one of the kids? Do a quick search and see which shows, circuses, concerts, etc. are playing in a city where he or she lives. Type up a gift certificate and say you'll forward the tickets when they arrive.

You can also type up a gift certificate for a home cooked meal, a night out with free babysitting, or some other service you're good at performing. This is a creative last-minute gift that won't soon be forgotten.

Rest assured, you're not alone when it comes to those last-minute gifts. There are countless others just like you--even on Christmas Day.

Kimberly Ripley

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