Instagram Beginning To Look A Lot Like Snapchat

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Instagram announced today the ability to add stickers to your posts, just like Snapchat. The stickers will be both for the consumer like Snapchat, but more importantly will also be targeted at businesses which are looking for creative ways to promote their products and services.

"Now you have new ways to turn any business moment into something you want to share with your followers," posted the Instagram blog team. "No matter where your business is or what you’re up to, you can add context to your story with stickers."

Instagram also announced that on iOS you can now save your entire business story from the past 24 hours to your camera roll as a single video.

How to Use Stickers on Instagram

Simply take a photo and video and then click the new stickers button which is right next to the text and drawing buttons. They say you can "tap the smiley face to find customizable stickers for weather, the current time and even your location."

"Adding a location sticker works the same as adding location to the posts you share to feed—simply choose or search for your location," notes Instagram. "People watching your story will be able to tap the sticker to learn more about the location, but your story won’t show up on the location page itself."

You can customize the stickers somewhat so that they look different from other posts by moving them around, resizing them, making them subtle or vibrant. You can also add as many stickers to a post as you want.

New Instagram Holiday Stickers Too

There's still time to tie in the holidays to your business stories and with the Instagram holiday sticker collection it's easy. Instagram has released 12 holiday themed stickers that will be available for the next few weeks.


New Hands Free Videos Too

Instagram also announced a hands free video feature in the format picker, letting you start recording with only one simple tap, without the requirement to press and hold. This is a very useful feature for many of us! They say that you can add as much text to your photo or video as you want by "simply" continuing to tap the button. "Choose between left, center and right justified text, and a new slider lets you adjust size easily with automatic text wrap," Instagram explained.

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