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Tag: check-in apps

Foursquare Launches Check-In History Pages
Foursquare today launched a brand-new history page feature on its site. The feature lists user’s past check-ins and is fully searchable. In addi...
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Gowalla to Become More About Content, Less About Check-Ins
Gowalla announced that it is going in a new direction today at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference. Gowalla, which began as a check-in app, now views ch...
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Facebook Shuts Down “Deals,” Keeps More Relevant Check-In Deals
Facebook has had a couple of “deals” products: “Deals” and “Check-in Deals.” Deals are going away, but Check-in De...
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Groupon Now Comes to Foursquare
Groupon and Foursquare have teamed up to bring Groupon Now deals to Foursquare users. It’s been known that the two companies were working togeth...
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Foursquare and Groupon Expected to Partner on Location-Based Deals
It was only a matter of time. The check-in app and daily deals spaces continue to merge, and this time it looks like the poster children for both spac...
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Loopt Gets Groupon Now Alerts
Groupon and Loopt have partnered to to give Loopt users access to alerts from Groupon’s recently launched Groupon Now service. “The big th...
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Facebook Places and Check-In Deals Come to Pages
Facebook is making changes that make it easier for businesses to manage their Facebook presence and get customers to engage. InsideFacebook reports th...
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Groupon Acquires Pelago, Makers of Whrrl
Groupon has acquired Pelago, the makers of the Whrrl location-based service/check-in app. Pelago CEO and co-founder Jeff Holden took to the company bl...
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Foursquare Partners with American Express
Foursquare and American Express have entered into a partnership that will see card users getting discounts at stores, restaurants, etc. via Foursquare...
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Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley Talks Facebook Competition
Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley appeared on CNBC, discussing how Foursquare can compete with Facebook. ...
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Foursquare Hosts Developers at Hackathon
Recall, it was not too long ago that Foursquare released their latest developer toolset, the foursquare API v2. Recently, in an effo...
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Get Up to Speed on Location-Based Service Adoption
Many are claiming this year as the year of "social mobile".  Even Face...
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Foursquare Grows By 3,400% – Are You Part Of It?
Foursquare grew by 3,400% in 2010, according to the company, with total check-ins reaching 381,576,305 around the world (in every country) - plus o...
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Will Location-Based Services Break Out in 2011?
Location-based services continue to get a great deal of attention as more services pop up, existing ones add features and integrations, and busines...
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Businesses Can Offer Customers Deals for Checking In with Yelp
Yelp has announced check-in offers for businesses, meaning that businesses can offer Yelp users special deals for checking in at their place of bus...
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Location-Based Services Too New to Know How They’ll Be Abused
Last week, Symantec's MessageLabs Intelligence Sr. Analyst Paul Wood shared some predictions for online t...
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Check-In Apps Add Key Relevancy Factor to Your Marketing
Are check-in apps just a fad or are they the future of local business marketing? It may still be too early to tell, but I'm starting to lean toward...
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Considering Check-In App Strategies for Business
It's been an interesting day for location-based services. Facebook of course ...
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CEO Dennis Crowley “Bullish” on Foursquare for Local Merchants
"Whenever I hear SMB, I think of Super Mario Bros," Foursquare co-Founder and CEO Dennis Crowley ...
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