Foursquare Launches Check-In History Pages

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Foursquare today launched a brand-new history page feature on its site. The feature lists user's past check-ins and is fully searchable. In addition, check-ins can be filtered by month or year, by the type of venue, by neighborhood, by city, by country, or even by who was also checked-in at a location. Each check-in in the list can be clicked for an informative page about a user's visit. The pages include check-in photos, comments about the venue, a list of Foursquare friends who were also checked-in at the location, and an embedded Google map pinpointing the check-in location.

The announcement came on the Foursquare blog, where the feature was touted as just one of many features that will soon be added to Foursquare. History page features to look forward to include filtering by specific venues, adding "tips," and creating lists.

Users need not worry if they have accidentally checked-in to somewhere embarrassing: check-ins can be deleted. Clicking on the arrow next to each check-in in the history list will take users to a summary page for that check-in, where it can be deleted.

My check-in history is rather boring, as I suspect most Foursquare user's histories' will be. First, my history is a bit outdated and my last check-in is from 2010. Also, looking through my history, there are a lot of trips to work and to the grocery store. However, with a bit of quick editing I was able to create a short, exciting history of coffee house, theme park, and music venue check-ins.

What do you think about Foursquare's new history? Will you edit your history to make it seem more exciting? Does this service cross a privacy line? Do you still use check-in services? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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