Robot Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is Tonight

Though a certain Iron Man (whose new trailer was released today) has been taking the spotlight in recent years, other iron men and women who don’t have squishy humans inside of them have pervaded western culture for decades. Robots big…

Researchers Study Dialects, Slang On Twitter

Much as someone born and raised in Boston probably won’t sound the same as a person who grew up in California, people don’t always tweet alike.  And while that may appear obvious, Carnegie Mellon researchers studied the presence of slang and different dialects on Twitter and discovered some interesting facts.

Researchers Suggest Twitter Data Might Replace Polls

The next time there’s a big election or important issue up for debate, think about thanking Twitter’s founders if your phone doesn’t ring.  Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have determined that, at least in some instances, combing Twitter for data can be as good a way of researching opinions as conducting an actual poll.